nicola (ニコラ) February 2013

nicola (ニコラ) February 2013

The February 2013 issue of Nicola features cute winter nail designs, health hair & body, 2013 fashion forecast and more.


Spoon. (スプーン) February 2013

Spoon. (スプーン) February 2013 "AKB0048 next stage"

The February 2013 issue of Spoon. features a thorough study of AKB0048 next stage. Interviews with Sayaka Nakaya, Amina Sato, Mao Mita, Karen Iwata, and director Shoji Kawamori. Discover the reason the girls of AKB48/ NMB48 became interested in voice acting. Also inside, Sumire Uesaka documentary "Shishunki to Sōkō" and more.

Men’s JOKER (メンズジョーカー) February 2013

Men’s JOKER (メンズジョーカー) February 2013 Eita 瑛太

The February 2013 issue of Men's Joker features Eita as the cover model.

AneCan (アネキャン) February 2013

AneCan (アネキャン) February 2013

The February 2013 issue of AneCan features Check AniMen! with Tomoya Nagase, Valentines -
Illustrated cute and sweet chocolate, 2013 Outing Calendar, single life, NOW!, how to us ecute table wear, Men nowadays Encyclopedia, introduction to natural cosmetics, get glossy hair, and more.

InRed (インレッド) February 2013

InRed (インレッド) February 2013 Yuko Takeuchi 竹内結子

The February 2013 issue of InRed features Yuko Takeuchi as the cover model. Inside features a men's holiday special with Mukai Osamu,  gifts & chocolates men really want, interior living with pets, and more.

anan (アン・アン) Volume 1838

anan (アン・アン) Volume 1838

Volume 1838 of Anan magazine features Masaki Aiba, a Takarazuka "Versailles no Bara" Special, your special destiny divination, love predictions , and life turning points.


Korean: Vogue girl Korea December 2012

Vogue girl Korea December 2012 magazine scans Romee Strijd
The December 2012 issue of Vogue girl Korea features Romee Strijd as the cover model. Inside features girl's event: Internship Challenge, Party All Night, Color Me Xmas, and more.

Korean: SURE December 2012

Sure Decemeber 2012 korean fashion magazine scans Olda Maliouk
The December 2012 issue of Korea fashion magazine, Sure, features Olga Mailouk as the cover model. Inside features ultimate party colors,  256 winter accessories, Holiday Fashion, Fur Coats and more.

Scawaii! (エスカワイイ) February 2013

Scawaii! (エスカワイイ) February 2013 Girls Generation 少女時代 Shojo Jidai

The February 2013 issue of Scawaii features Girls Generation (SNSD/Shojo Jidai) as the cover models.

ELLE JAPON (エルジャポン) February 2013

ELLE JAPON (エルジャポン) February 2013 Cameron Diaz キャメロンディアス

The February 2013 issue of Elle features Cameron Diaz as the cover model.


MEN'S NON-NO (メンズノンノ) February 2013

MEN'S NON-NO (メンズノンノ) February 2013 Misaki Aiba  相葉雅紀
The February 2013 issue of Men's Nonno features Misaki Aiba as the cover model.

Ageha (アゲハ) February 2013

Ageha (アゲハ) February 2013
The February 2013 issue of Japanese gyaru magazine, Ageha.

BLENDA (ブレンダ) February 2013

BLENDA (ブレンダ) February 2013 Nakano Yuika, Yui Hasegawa,Natsumi Yoshida 長谷川唯 吉田夏海 中野唯花

The February 2013 issue of Blenda features Nakano Yuika, Yui Hasegawa, and Natsumi Yoshida as the cover models.

Steady. (ステディ) February 2013

Steady. (ステディ) February 2013 Mao Inoue

The February 2013 issue of Steady features Mao Inoue as the cover model.

egg (エッグ) February 2013

The February 2013 issue of features Winter Style RUUUULE!, egg2012 AWARDS  for the most active model, STREET GROOVE BEST50, and more.

NYLON JAPAN (ナイロンジャパン) February 2013

NYLON JAPAN (ナイロンジャパン) February 2013 Momoiro Clover Z ももいろクローバーZ

The February 2013 issue of Nylon features Momoiro Clover Z as the cover models.

GLITTER (グリッター) February 2013

GLITTER(グリッター) February 2013 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley ロージー・ハンティントン・ホワイトリー
The February 2013 issue of Glitter features Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as the cover model.


KERA! (ケラ) March 2011

KERA! (ケラ)  march 2011 japanese magazine scans

Kera March 2011
Kera magazine scans
Lolita and Visual Kei magazine

POPEYE (ポパイ) February 2013

POPEYE (ポパイ) February 2013 "Ski Boy"

The February 2013 issue of Popeye, a magazine for city boys, features Ski Boy - the resurrection ski boom! The Ski Town of Portland as the cover story.

Lady Boutique (レディブティック) February 2013

Lady Boutique (レディブティック) February 2013
The February 2013 issue of Lady Boutique features a 2013 Spring-Summer Designer Collection, adult layering style, sewing sleeves, and more.

FINEBOYS (ファインボーイズ) February 2013

FINEBOYS (ファインボーイズ) February 2013 Tegoshi Yiuya 手越祐也
The February 2013 issue of Fineboys features Tegoshi Yuya of NEWS as the cover model.

Precious (プレシャス) February 2013

Precious (プレシャス) February 2013 Koyuki

The February 2013 issue of Precious features Koyuki as the cover model.

SEDA (セダ) February 2013

Seda (セダ) February 2013 Mirei Kiritani 桐谷美玲

The February 2013 issue of Seda features Mirei Kiritai as the cover model. Inside Musai Okamu, KAT-TUN - Kamenashi Kazuya, Aoi Miyazaki, Rina Tanaka, Fumiko Aoyagi, Aina Yamauchi, Erina Nakata, and more.

GLAMOROUS (グラマラス) February 2013

GLAMOROUS (グラマラス) February 2013

The February 2013 issue of Glamorous features Sandaime J Soul Brothers, Mayu Watanabe, Mayumi Sada, and more.


non-no (ノンノ) December 2012

non-no (ノンノ) December 2012 Nozomi Sasaki
The December 2012 issue of Non-no features Nozomi Sasaki, Toma Ikuta, Gackt, Arashi, Mirei Kiritani and more.

non-no (ノンノ) November 2012

non-no (ノンノ)  November 2012 Mirei Kiritani 桐谷美玲

The November 2012 issue of Non-no features Mirei Kiritani as the cover model.


NIKO☆PUCHI (ニコ☆プチ) February 2013

NIKO☆PUCHI (ニコ☆プチ) February 2013
The February 2013 issue of NIKO PUCHI features Valentine psychological test victory, Winter Fashion Digest, learning the letters Deco, make room for a better fortune, Create fun filled memories - 30 things I wish to do before graduation, personality from orthodoxy to school - a large collection from JS brand! !, NICO☆PUCHi Collection 2013, Happy Lucky Bag Brand NEW YEAR,
Super Puchimo BOOK2013, and more.

Brand JOY (ブランドJOY) February 2013

Brand JOY (ブランドJOY) February 2013 Miranda Kerr ミランダ・カー

The February 2013 issue of Brand JOY features Miranda Kerr as the cover model. Inside features date style - prefect outfits for a night out,  2013 Spring/Summer hand bag collection from top designs,  fashion SNAPs of  trendy celebrities, new items from CHANEL to MIU MIU, must have winter accessories, deal comparisons for handbags, wallets, jewelry, shoes, outwear, knitwear etc., seasonal trend keywords, and more.

SHOXX (ショックス) February 2013

SHOXX (ショックス) February 2013 the Gazette 生写真 (Plastic Tree)

The February 2013 issue of Shoxx features the Gazette as the cover band. Inside features a special front 26 page edition of the Gazette, band close up with SuG/ Plastic Tree/ & Nightmare, Over the Edge 2012, JROCK EVOLUTION 2012, band files with ViViD/  R-Shitei/ MEJIBRAY/ Unite/ DOG in the PWO/ GOTCHAROCKA/ 9GOATS BLACK OUT/ DaizyStripper/ amber gris/ Viru's/ Sel'm/ GALEYD/ DIV/ Yeti/ Vistlip  and more.


MEN'S CLUB (メンズクラブ) February 2013

MEN'S CLUB (メンズクラブ) February 2013 Ryo Kase 加瀬亮
The February 2013 issue of Men's Club feature Ryo Kase as the cover model. Inside features ALL about Goods Sense, Keita Suzuki - ALL in plain clothes for One week, High Brand× Standard - I can wear a mix SHOW,  2013 President's wallet, Find the Editor's bag for the next "Bag of rumor"!!,  Expert Techniques on Glasses, play the material! PLAY BELVET, Outwear - This winter wind penetrate the inside of the jacket fluttering, and more.

GINGER (ジンジャー) February 2013

GINGER (ジンジャー) February 2013 Yu Yamada  山田優

The February 2013 issue of Ginger features Yu Yamada as the cover model. Inside features fashion & beauty with Shiho/ Koizumi Satoko/ Karina / Nishiyama Maki/ Nanao, Award announcement for "GINGER BEAUTY AWARD PERSON",  cover story with Yu Yamada - "A Simple private Life - MY SENSE, MY STYLE ", "Girls holiday" Latest white paper boom,  "Let's make this tomorrow" SPECIAL - Well everyone is welcome to Japan to Enjoy delicious drinks, a good luck guide to live a positive life - HAPPY love and destiny divination, Moisturizing winter of truth- "Keep the moisture" in your skin care, diet & bowel, GINGER FIRST! - fashionable holiday for adults! -  Cute in the dead of winter! Research of the "relax casual" look!, and more.

Monthly: The Television (月刊ザ・テレビジョン) February 2013

 Monthly: The Television (月刊ザ・テレビジョン) February 2013 Arashi 嵐

The February 2013 issue of Monthly: The Television features Arashi as the cover models. Inside features a pin-up with Arashi, Hey! Say! JUMP × Kis-My-Ft2,  New Year! SP gravure with AKB48/ Yuki Kashiwagi/  KinKi Kids/ - Congrats festival opened with Sugoroku J - NEWS/ Kanajani8/ KAT-TUN,  New Year Specials SP Drama /Variety SP /Sports /Movie / music program/ Documentary, Johnny Calendar - specials and new shows, Fortune-telling and good luck in psychological testing BOOK, Gourmet BOOK - popular gourmets & coupons, and more.

Biteki (美的) February 2013

美的(BITEKI) February 2013 Erika Mori 森絵梨佳

The February 2013 issue of Biteki features Erika Mori as the cover model. Inside features celebrity eye make up with Kana Nishino - droopy eye lines/ Maeda Atsuko - horizontal lines/ Take Emi - Flip Lines, the Best Cosmetics of 2012 - the ultimate base make up -raven skin care cosmetics, Popular Beauty Home Appliances & Collectibles TOP10 - Today's answer to " your cleaning needs", a complete set fo strong hair cosmetics - summit showdown, tools for fragrance, nails, and body care, a deeper look at loose knitear arrangement - so versatile!!, Force of beauty "corner of the eye makeup!", protect you immune system this winter, and more.

BAPE KIDS 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

BAPE KIDS 2013 Spring/Summer Collection
This is the 2013 Spring/Summer fashion collection from BAPE Kids by A Bathing Ape apparel. Inside features 5days rotating coordinates for Spring & Summer and the latest accessories.

A Bathing Ape 2013 Spring Collection

A Bathing Ape 2013 Spring Collection
This is the 2013 Spring fashion e-mook for "A Bathing Ape" clothing line. Inside features an introduction to the new women's line Agent Ape. Also showcasing brand details and functionality of the Spring 2013 collection.

Street Jack (ストリートジャック) February 2013

Street Jack (ストリートジャック) February 2013 Mirei Kiritani 桐谷美玲

The February 2013 issue of Street Jack features Mirei Kiritani as the cover model. Inside features a fashion SNAP from 15 cities featuring 500 people - from Sapporo, Sendai, Niigata, Kanazawa, Omiya, Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Hiroshima, Matsuyama, Fukuoka, Kumamoto, surprise layering techniques, Happy New Year! 10DAYS of rotating coordinates, how to set your pants & shoes, Dead Space Techniques - "under the wall, the bed, corners& doors", winter accessories, special book in book - Harajuku Details with  a MAP - take it the sales - book help! and more.

mina (ミーナ) March 2011 [FIXED]

mina (ミーナ) march 2011 japanese magazine scans

Mina March 2011
Mina Japanese magazine
mina (ミーナ) March 2011
Mina beauty and fashion magazine


JUNON (ジュノン) February 2013

JUNON (ジュノン) February 2013 Exile, Kana Nishino, J Soul Brtohers, fairies, AAA, W-inds., Gero"

The February 2013 issue features a 2012 STAR Private Ranking with GACKT, Kana Nishino, EXILE, GERO, w-inds, Fairies, and 40 more japanese celebrites ( all listed after the break), Special Program - EXILE 4 Vocalist (ATSUSHI / TAKAHIRO/ NESMITH/ SHOKICHI) - a Dream 60 minutes/ long interview, Sandaime J Soul Brothers-Exclusive Confession-Tosaka Hiroomi & Imaichi Ryūji, "GTO New Year Special " 2DAY close up - AKIRA/ Yamamoto Yusuke/ Yu Shirota/ Uno Misako (AAA) - Q&A, AAA held a party! ! AAA"ABC" Commemorative 2012, People who talk of movies, music, talk, news, drama, variety - JUNON Entertainment Awards - Kana (夏菜)/ Takeiso (武井壮)/ COWCOW/ Fuka Haruna (春名風花)/ Haruka Shimazaki (AKB48), BEST SHOT FILE 2012 - 51 people to star gaze - mens special, and more.

mini (ミニ) February 2013

mini (ミニ) February 2013 Yuko Oshima 大島優子 japan magazine scans

The February 2013 issue of Mini features Yuko Oshima as the cover girl. Inside features close up with FT ISLAND, a special Sesame Street × X-girl appendix,  book filing - cosmetic RANKING - sundries room is cute, Bulletin! NEXT trend forecast ! !,  I want right now!! Purse List, X-girl ~The road to the fashionable girl ~, Popular Boyish - Tenkomori SNAP ☆Fashionable paparazzi! ! PART 1 - YUKO OSHIMA - Upgrade your fashion accessories, PART 2 - Fashionable celebrities, PART 3 -  Popular models pro sneakers coordinates!!, PART 4 - Week of the Harajuku Girl - 3 Hebirote Item SNAP! !,  PART 5 - MB Outer×Inner SNAP, PART 6 - close contact with Erika Mori & Shiori Sato, PART 7 - mini Girls White Paper 2012Winter, and more.

GQ JAPAN (ジーキュージャパン) February 2013

GQ JAPAN (ジーキュージャパン) February 2013 Ryuichi Sakamoto/ 坂本龍一

The February 2013 issue of GQ Japan features a cover story interview with Ryuichi Sakamoto. Inside features GQ's 10 predictions for 2013 - Lifestyle, fashion, business, society, politics, women, and entertainmentSpring-Summer 2013 10 Best Designers Suits, a new sex symbol of Japan, Tomoki Sukezane "The Road to Regents", close up with Rie Miyazawa,  special 2013 Dining Out Forecast book in book, Gutchi critic's the economy - "Japan's economy is strong and growing!" and more.

Oggi (オッジ) February 2013

Oggi (オッジ) February 2013 japan magazine scans

The February 2013 issue of Oggi features 2012 edition "Oggi's Reader's Choice" Best Cosmetic rankings announced!!,  Winter - Solve your fashion worries, the strongest winter colors, skinny jeans - a big winter season favorite, "good luck!" coordination month, scenes of midwinter - hand cream and lip balm - this is correct !!, the laws of "Inner Beauty", Girl overtime - recipes to reduce working hours, close up with Kim Namugiru, and more.

COOL TRANS (クールトランス) February 2013

COOL TRANS (クールトランス) February 2013 Tadanobu Asano/ 浅野忠信

The February 2013 issue of Cool Trans features Tadanobu Asano as the cover model. Inside features Keeping Track of "Real" Fashion, 332 people featured in a midwinter fashion SNAP,  the best of all time - coordination sample of real street fashion, real dressing trends -from TOKYO - from SHOP STAFF, 2013 Spring/Summer Preview COMME des GAR? ONS JUNYA WATANABE MAN -  A fusion of fabrics and designs that might surprise you. Beginning of a new year for "Junya Man", Global VIP - "Pharrell Williams" - A BATHING APE? × BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB, and more.