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I hope everyone has a speedy recovery from Hurricane Sandy and a happy Halloween. New magazines will be posted between late tonight and tomorrow morning.


Ray (レイ) December 2012

Ray (レイ) December 2012年12月号 【表紙】 香里奈 Karina japanese magazine scans
Karina is the Ray December 2012 cover girl. Inside features special winter fashion tips, Ray Family Look Book, 31 days of fashion with Rika Izumi, Louis Vuitton World, Miranda Kerr in Japan for 3 days and 2 nights, make up for job hunting and suits, jewelry wish list,  Karina's winter style and makeup.

mina (ミーナ) December 2012

mina (ミーナ) 2012年12月号 【表紙】 北川景子 Keiko Kitagawa japanese magazine scans
Keiko Kitagawa is the Mina December 2012 cover girl. Inside features  make and hair help, streets SNAPS, column on losing weight plus metabolism , winter clothing recommendations, de100 fall clothing favorites, and Keiko Kitagawa interview.

SPRiNG (スプリング) December 2012

spring (スプリング) 2012年12月号 【表紙】 宮崎あおい Aoi Miyazaki japanese magazine scans

Spring December 2012 features Aoi Miyazaki as this months cover story.  This months issue features a hair tutorial, autumn romantic coordinates by Snidel, beautiful wedding rings,preparation  for winter, basic make up tips, and more.

GLITTER (グリッター) November 2012

GLITTER (グリッター) November 2012年11月号 【表紙】 ミランダ・カー Miranda Kerr japanese magazine scans
The November 2012 issue of Glitter features Miranda Kerr as the cover model.  Includes CaraGazzetta 2012 WINTER COLLECTION special appendix "book in book. Beauty Mania special with celebrity face and body tips, celebrity luxury homes, after summer party report: BILLABONG X GLITTER, Happy Halloween special, and DIVA RULES BEAUTY SPECIAL. Celebrities inside include Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Zoe,  Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, Blake Lively and more.

It Model's FASHION SNAP 2012 Fall & Winter

It Model's FASHION SNAP 2012 Fall & Winter japanese fashion magazine scans

It Model's FASHION SNAP 2012  Fall & Winter by MYWAY Mook features fashion snapshots from Paris, london, Milan, and New York. All modeling a simple but casual look in over 600 snaps shot from various fashion weeks, city scenes, and more.

Zipper (ジッパー) December 2012

Zipper (ジッパー) December 2012年12月号 【表紙】 きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ Kyari pamyu pamyu japanese magazine scans
The December 2012 issue of Zipper features singer Kyari Pamy Pamyu as cover girl.This months issues includes a AMOYAMO Perfect Style Book in Book. Features Kawaii clothing to purchase for cheap, a collection of cute room ideas, casual interest vs. classic style, a close up interview with Kyari Pamyu Pamyu, and more.

Note: Updated with alternate download link.


MAMA&KIDS GLITTER Vol.5 December 2012

MAMA&KIDS GLITTER Vol.5 December 2012年12月号 【表紙】 紗栄子 Saeko Japanese fashion magazine scans
MAMA&KIDS GLITTER, is sister magazine of GLITTER, aimed towards fashionable moms and their children. This volume features a special appendix" We Love Saeko", HAPPY LIFE with KIDS:  Hitomi, MEGUMI, and Miki Fujimoto, two major fall trends: PREPPY  and ROCK, Happy Family World SNAP from Kobe,  Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo, New York , Los Angeles, and Paris. Plus much more!

POPEYE (ポパイ) November 2012

POPEYE (ポパイ) November  2012年11月号 japanese men's magazine scans
Popeye November 2012, a magazine for young urban men, features Mr. Standard:  new standard  and classic city boy. this months features outdoor equipment, Military US Navy, SUITS for city boys, urban outdoor classic street wear, the best leather shoes, SNEAKERS masterpiece, daily necessities, and popular urban brands for young men.


CLASSY (クラッシィ) November 2012

CLASSY (クラッシィ)November  2012年11月号 【表紙】 小泉里子 satoko koizumi japanese magazine scans

Woman's lifestyle and fashion magazine, CLASSY November 2012 has Satoko Koizumi as this months cover model. Features special talk with Osamu Mukai and Tsuyoshi Ayano, base make up tips, fall hairstyles for everyone, CLASSY closet, classy girl Satomi Araki,and close up with Satoko Koizumi.

MEN'S NON-NO (メンズノンノ) November 2012

MEN'S NON-NO (メンズノンノ) November 2012年11月号【表紙】 向井理  mukai osamu japanese men's magazine scans
 Men's Nonno November 2012 features  a cover session with Osamu Mukai. This months issue features a special collaboration with Mika Ninagawa × Hirohiko Araki and men's fall fashion trends.

AneCan (アネキャン) November 2012

AneCan (アネキャン) November 2012年11月号 【表紙】 押切もえ & 葛岡碧 japanese fashion magazine scans
AneCan November 2012 features Moe Oshikiri and Midori Kuzuoka as this months cover models. Features Saito Takumi calendar, special talk with Mr. Shigeaki Hinohara plus Reiko Takagaki, 32 easy hand rolled sushi recipes, autumn hairstyles, fall fashion for girls, Book in Book: "Girls Autumn Fashion",  and much more.

GINGER (ジンジャー) November 2012

GINGER (ジンジャー) 2012年11月号 【表紙】 香里奈 Karina japanese fashion magazine scans
Get Ginger November 2012 with cover girl Karina. Features interview with 28 year old  Karina, the new basic black fashion, Naoko Okusa gives styling suggestions for wearing black, plus How Ginger models wear black.

Men’s JOKER (メンズジョーカー) November 2012

Men’s JOKER (メンズジョーカー) November  2012年11月号 【表紙】 成宮寛貴 Hiroki Narimiya japanese magazine scans
Men's JOKER November 2012 has Hiroki Narimiya as this months cover model. Features the best clothing for the season, best fashionista award, winter outwear collection and seasonal coordinates recommendations.

BITEKI (美的) November 2012

美的 (BITEKI) november 2012年11月号 【表紙】 ヨンア  youna japanese magazine scans
The Biteki November 2012 issue features cover girl Youn-A.  This months features autumn skin care recommendations, adult acne,  hair and health tips.


Oggi (オッジ) November 2012

Oggi (オッジ) November 2012年11月号 japanese fashion magazine scans
Oggi November 2012 fetaures the best beauty brad cosmetics, trendy jackets, fashionable boots, seasonal coordinates recommendations,  special supplement: "Oggi Perfect Style" booklet, the Cover girl beauty journal,  and the best eye care cosmetics.

Brand ブランドJOY November 2012

ブランドJOY 2012年11月号 【表紙】 ミラ・ジョボビッチ Mila Jovovich japanese fashion magazine scans
Brand Joy November features Mila Jovovich as cover model. Brand Joy compares handbags from top designers such as Prada, Celine, and Chanel. The lastest clothing and accessories from top designers around the world.

Precious (プレシャス) November 2012

Precious (プレシャス) November 2012年11月号 【表紙】 小雪/  Koyuki japanese fashion magazine scans
Precious November 2012 features cover model Koyuiki. precious features recommended eye care cosmetics, hugh fashion brand favorites, color coordinates, seasonal fashion items and more.


marisol (マリソル) November 2012

marisol (マリソル) November  2012年11月号 【表紙】 ブレンダ BRENDA japanese fashion magazine scans
Marisol November 2012 features cover model BRENDA. The November issue features a large  Navy and Beige fashion selection by Kyoko Kikuchi. Features 10 best examples of tunic cropped pants, a selction of autumn and winter items to purchase. Plus visiting the work shop of BOTTEGA VENETA of Vicenza in Italy by Naoko Okusa.

Domani (ドマーニ) November 2012

Domani (ドマーニ) November 2012年11月号 【表紙】 知花くらら Kurara Chibana japanese fashion magazine scans
The Domani November 2012, a fashion and lifestyle magazine for working woman, features cover girl Kurara Chibana. This issue features the Domani beauty questionnaire, clothing recommendations for the fall and winter seasons.

Lady Boutique (レディブティック) November 2012

Lady Boutique (レディブティック) November  2012年11月号japanese womans magazine scans
Get Lady Boutique November 2012 a fashion magazine for older woman. The November 2012 issue features a Winter Style special with the best styles recommended for the season.

POPEYE (ポパイ) October 2012

POPEYE (ポパイ) October 2012年10月号 japanese men's magazine scans
Japanese men's magazine Popeye October 2012 features a guide to New York City. Popeye focuses on fashion and trends for young urban men.


25ans (ヴァンサンカン) November 2012

25ans (ヴァンサンカン) 2012年11月号 インタビュー 向井理 mukai osamu japanese magazine scans

The November 2012 issue of 25ans features cover model Anne. Features trendy boots,special interview with Mukai Osamu, AKB48 close up, 77 fall ready items,  and a fashion spread with Youn-A.

sweet (スウィート) November 2012

sweet (スウィート) 2012年11月号 表紙:紗栄子Saeko japanese fashion magazine scans
Sweet November 2012 features as cover girl Saeko. Snapshots of 127  fashionable people from Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Sendai,  and Tokyo. Features autumn dresses and cover interview with Saeko in Hawaii.

FINEBOYS (ファインボーイズ) November 2012

FINEBOYS (ファインボーイズ) November 2012年11月号 【表紙】 三浦春馬 Haruma Miura japanese men's magazine scans

Fineboys November 2012 features a cover session with Haruma Miura. Features fashionable boots, special University SNAP Book, AKB48 special booklet, seasonal clothing coordinates, and fall trends on a budget.

MORE (モア) November 2012

MORE (モア) November 2012年11月号【表紙】 北川景子 Keiko Kitagawa japanese magazine scans

MORE November 2012/2012年11月号 features cover model Keiko Kitagawa. Features fall fashion coordinates plus accessories, Aoi Yu talks beauty, make up recommendations, 200 Breakthrough beauty brands, segment on Rina Tanaka, and MORE's  Beauty"Book In Book".

MAQUIA (マキア) November 2012

MAQUIA (マキア) November 2012年11月号 【表紙】 鈴木えみ  Emi Suzuki japanese fashion magazine scans

Download scans of Japanese fashion and beauty magazine MAQUIA (マキア) 2012年11月号 /November 2012 features cover girl Emi Suzuki.The November issue features interviews with Masami Nagasawa, Ishihara Satomi, and Kana Nishino. Maquia's 2012 Beauty Book Dictionary. A celebrity beauty guide with shampoo and conditioner recommendations.


Newtype (ニュータイプ) November 2012

Newtype (ニュータイプ) 2012年11月号 【表紙&特集】  GOTHICMADE ゴティックメード -花の詩女 japanese anime magazine scans
Newtype November 2012, the moving pictures magazine, features cover and intro: "GOTHIC MADE 花の詩女 FLOWERS". Features special appendixes: Idol Master Weiss Schwarz PR Card, Magika / Sword Art Online Madoka Magica theater version poster, Seitokai no Ichizon New Anime pin up.

men's Fudge (メンズファッジ) November 2012

men’sFUDGE(メンズファッジ) November 2012年11月号 ROY (THE BAWDIES) japanese magazine scans

Men's Fudge November 2012 features cover model ROY (The BAWDIES). Close up interview with Roy, London street fashion,  top accessories for the season, and brand picks.

Wink up (ウィンク アップ) November 2012

Wink up (ウィンク アップ) 2012年11月号 November 2012 SexyZone japanese magazine scans

Wink up (ウィンク アップ) November 2012 features SexyZone as cover band. Includes, close up interviews, pin-ups, concert and stage previews.

[Cover] Sexy Zone
[Special Feature] Arashi "Ara Fes" Report, "Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou (Bakaleya Highschool)"
[Big Pinup] Ryosuke Yamada, Sexy Zone
[Wide Pinup] Shintaro Morimoto & Hokuto Matsumura & Juri Tanaka & Taiga Kyomoto & Louis Jessy & Yugo Takachi, Hikaru Iwamoto & Ryohei Abe & Daisuke Sakuma & Shota Watanabe & Tatsuya Fukasawa & Ryota Miyadate
[Feature] Masahiro Nakai (SMAP), Koichi Domoto (Kinki Kids), NEWS, KAT-TUN, Hey!Say!JUMP, NYC, Kis-My-Ft2, Sexy Zone, A.B.C-Z, Kansai Johnny's Jr., B.A.D. & Hamada & 7WEST, Sexy Boyz and more.

BLENDA (ブレンダ) November 2012

BLENDA (ブレンダ) November 2012年11月号 井出レイコ Reiko Ide gyaru magazine scans

BLENDA (ブレンダ) 2012年11月号 /November 2012, a sister magazine of Popteen, features cover model Reiko Ide, the Mode Erotic fashion spread, 43 fashionable fur coats, must have red lipsticks,  sexy shoes, Proud to be Gal, Keep Yourself Beautiful, and Reiko in NY.

SEDA (セダ) November 2012

SEDA(セダ) 2012年11月号 表紙:鈴木えみ emi suzuki japanese magazine scans

SEDA (セダ) 2012年11月号/ November 2012, a fashion and beauty, features Emi Suzuki as cover model. Featuring paparazzi fashion SNAP, fashion reports, shoes and clothing coordinates.


Request: Soul Sister

SOUL SISTER 2012年5月号 japanese gyaru magazine scans

Here are a few old scans of Soul Sister magazine for those that requested, issues available: February, March, and April 2012 . . . check it out!

Numero TOKYO November 2012

Numero TOKYO November 2012年11月号japanese fashion magazine scans
Numero TOKYO November 2012
Numero TOKYO 2012年11月号

Numero Tokyo November 2012 discusses Korean beauty and entertainment in this months issue.  A close up of Rie Miyazawa, V.I speaks on BIG BANG, Daido Moriyama, Youn-a, William Klein and more.

GISELe (ジゼル) November 2012

GISELe (ジゼル) November 2012年11月号 【表紙】 エマ・ワトソン Emma Watson japanese magazine scans
GISELe (ジゼル) November 2012
GISELe (ジゼル) 2012年11月号

Gisele November 2012 features British/French actress Emma Watson as this months cover girl. Gisele features cute fashion for young adult woman with the fashionable must have coordinates of the season. Emma Watson close up interview about going from a child actress to fashion icon. Planning fall fashion on a budget and favorite celebrity brands.

Photobook: Haruna Kojima - "Onna no Ko no Kamisama" [女の子の神様 小嶋陽菜写真集]

女の子の神様 小嶋陽菜写真集  Haruna Kojima - Onna no Ko no Kamisama photo book scans
 Haruna Kojima - Onna no Ko no Kamisama
女の子の神様 小嶋陽菜写真集

Haruna Kojima is a member of AKB48 and an exclusive model of MAQUIA magazine.  In her photo book titled "Onna no Ko no Kamisama", she shows her beautiful face and body around the beautiful scenery of Hawaii.

Bargain Brand (ブランドバーゲン) November 2012

Bargain Brand (ブランドバーゲン) November 2012 japanese magazine scans
Bargain Brand (ブランドバーゲン) November 2012
ブランドバーゲン 2012年11月号

Download scans of Japanese fashion guide Bargain Brand (ブランドバーゲン) November 2012 featuring the latest deals on fall fashions, hand bags, wallets, boots, and more.

ELLE JAPON (エルジャポン) November 2012

ELLE JAPON (エルジャポン) 2012年11月号 ロージー・ハンティントン=ホワイトリー rosie huntington whiteley japanese fashion magazines

ELLE JAPON (エルジャポン) November 2012
ELLE JAPON (エルジャポン) 2012年11月号

Elle Japan November 2012 features a close up cover girl Rosie Huntington Whiteley. This issue includes Paris classic, retro simple, and colorful pop fashions. Covering french fashion icons and brands.

Wedding: CLASSY. WEDDING Spring/ Summer 2012

CLASSY.WEDDING 2012年春夏号 japanese bridal magazine scans

CLASSY.WEDDING Spring/ Summer 2012

Download scans of  CLASSY's special bridal magazine  CLASSY.WEDDING Spring/ Summer 2012 (2012年春夏号) featuring special bridal jewelry and  Hawaii marriage special.

UPDATED: Download link has been fixed.


POTATO (ポテト) November 2012

POTATO (ポテト)  November 2012年11月号 【表紙】 Sexy Zone japanese super idol magazine scans
POTATO (ポテト) November 2012
POTATO (ポテト) 2012年11月号

Download scans of Japanese super idol magazine POTATO (ポテト) 2012年11月号/ November 2012 featuring cover band SexyZone. Potato November 2012 features Halloween Q & A planning, drama /variety show previews, concert performances, pin-up photos, and more.

Ollie (オーリー) October 2012

Ollie (オーリー) October 2012年10月号 【表紙】 降谷建志 Kenji Furuya (Dragon Ash) japanese b-style magazine scans
Ollie (オーリー) October 2012
Ollie (オーリー) 2012年10月号 【表紙】 降谷建志 (Dragon Ash)

Download scans of Japanese men's b-style/street magazine Ollie (オーリー) 2012年10月号/October 2012 featuring cover interview Kenji Furuya (KJ/Dragon Ash). Ollie features  the 2012 Autumm/Winter STREET BRAND BIBLE, following street style PUNK, vintage SNEAKERS file, and fall fashion head gear in Harajuku SNAP.

men's FUDGE (メンズファッジ) October 2012

men’s FUDGE(メンズファッジ)October 2012年10月号 表紙:松田龍平 Ryuhei Matsuda japanese men's magazine scans

men's FUDGE (メンズファッジ) October 2012
men’s FUDGE (メンズファッジ) 2012年10月号

Download scans of Japanese men's fashion magazine men’s FUDGE (メンズファッジ)2012年10月号/October 2012 featuring cover model Ryuhei Matsuda. Men's Fudge October 2012 features favorite fall trends and ranking the most popular items for the fall.

COOL TRANS (クールトランス) November 2012

COOL TRANS クールトランス November2012年11月号 斉藤和義 Kazuyoshi Saito japanese street magazine scans
COOL TRANS (クールトランス) November 2012
COOL TRANS (クールトランス) 2012年11月号

Download Japanese men's street fashion magazine COOL TRANS (クールトランス) 2012年11月号/November 2012 featuring cover model Kazuyoshi Saito. Cool Trans November 2012 features interview with Kazuyoshi Saito about his 20th anniversary debut special plus astudio session with J-R&B singer AI, Winter in Tokyo, brand close up with: MAISON KITSUNE, ripvanwinkle, and more.

Wedding: Wedding Book No 50.

Wedding Book No. 50 japanese bridal magazine scans

Wedding Book No. 50

Download scans scans of Japanese bridal magazine Wedding Book No. 50.


I Love mama (アイラブママ) November 2012

I Love mama (アイラブママ) November 2012年11月号 japanese gyaru magazine scans
I Love mama (アイラブママ) November 2012
I Love mama (アイラブママ) 2012年11月号

Download scans of Japanese gyaru mama magazine I Love mama (アイラブママ) 2012年11月号/November 2012. I love mama celebrates it's 4th anniversary, features a large mama beauty contest with 960 people from all over the country, segement: Shine! NOW & REAL beautiful mamas, and BABY DOLL booklet.

Scawaii! (エスカワイイ) November 2012

S Cawaii!(エスカワイイ) 2012年11月号 【表紙】 桐谷美玲 Mirei kiritani japanese magazine scans

S Cawaii! (エスカワイイ) November 2012
S Cawaii! (エスカワイイ) 2012年11月号

Download scans of Japanese fashion magazine S Cawaii! (エスカワイイ) 2012年11月号//November 2012 featuring cover girl Mirei Kiritani. Features a collection of Autumn clothing, A Girl In Black, 2am X JB, Milky Bunny, Mode fashion, perfect styles to capture the fall season.

bea’s up (ビーズアップ) October 2012

bea’s up (ビーズアップ)October 2012年10月号 表紙:榮倉奈々 Nana Eikura japanese magazine scans

bea’s up (ビーズアップ)October 2012
bea’s up (ビーズアップ)2012年10月号

Download scans of Japanese beauty and cosmetic magazine bea’s up (ビーズアップ)2012年10月号/October 2012 featuring cover girl Nana Eikura.

AneCan (アネキャン) October 2012

AneCan (アネキャン) October 2012年10月号  【表紙】 蛯原友里&有村実樹  Miki Arimura and yuri ebihara japanese fashion magazines

AneCan (アネキャン) October 2012
AneCan (アネキャン) 2012年10月号 

Download scans of Japanese fashion and beauty magazine AneCan (アネキャン) 2012年10月号 /October 2012 featuring cover girls Miki Arimura and Yuri Ebihara. AneCan October 2012 features the AneCan GOLF booklet. Features Fall fashion digest in 3 minutes, All About Pink,  shoes and bags for Autumn.

Couturier (クチュリエ) Autumn/Winter 2012

Couturier (クチュリエ) Autumn Winter 2012  冬秋2012 japanese crat DIY magazine scans

Couturier (クチュリエ) Autumn/Winter 2012

Download scans of Japanese sewing and craft magazine Couturier (クチュリエ) Autumn/Winter 2012

mini (ミニ) October 2012

mini (ミニ) 2012年10月号【表紙】 吉高由里子 Yuriko Yoshitaka japanese fashion magazine scans
mini (ミニ) October 2012
mini (ミニ) 2012年10月号

Download scans of Japanese fashion magazine mini (ミニ) 2012年10月号/October 2012 featuring cover girl Yuriko Yoshitaka. Magazine featuring Korean pop bands CNBLUE and FT Island. Fashion SNAP from LA to London.