AneCan (アネキャン) January 2013

AneCan (アネキャン) January 2013 magazine scans

The January 2013 issue of AneCan features Monthly Anitame! with Kristen Stewart & YUI,  List of "goals or ambitions" in 2013!,  New Year "recipe talent", notebook - mobile polished yourself with digital MIX!, Encouragement of  a mother-daughter trip to Okinawa this Winter, Mama Can! - Pre & Mama from the  White Paper Lady, Ane Can Best Cosmetics Award!, S Ready - I should wear this coat!, adult cute style with Moe Oshikiri & Yuri Ebihara - the secrets to wearing plain clothing, shine! "Kira Deco clothes! !, A "winter cute color scheme" during the winter, and more.

FASHION NEWS January 2013 Volume 177

Volume 177 of FASHION NEWS January 2013 features interview with Yoshikazu Yamagata, Find the people of Japan Shitourei stylish! 2013 Spring/Summer Tokyo Collection, Tokyo Designers, the [M · A · C] Beauty Team One week of close contact, and more.

Bijin Hyakka (美人百花) January 2013

Bijin Hyakka 美人百花 (びじんひゃっか) January 2013

The January 2013 issue of Bijin Hyakka features cuisine & hospitality table lesson,  Makeup & Hair Tutorial latest version of New Year, Come true!! Congratulations ☆ 2013 "Deluxe luck!". 2013 "The power of this shrine is amazing!" Lucky marriage hunting large report -Feng Shui goods - so scary 2013 strikes! "Constellation Venus" Fortune-telling - "It's up here tourist destination 2013 fortune!", Hyakka "Sparkling Housecleaning" Project!, gourmet fashion & beauty - NEWS of IKKO - Complete guide to Seoul! !, Hyakka All-Star Models! 2012 BEST HIT Large Thanksgiving!, and more.


CUTiE (キューティ) January 2013

CUTiE (キューティ) January 2013 Takei Emi 武井咲 magazine scans
The January 2013 issue of Cutie features Takei Emi as the cover model. Inside features interview with YUI,  last minute confession! 2012 Confession of Me, prayer for school success! ! I love learning from the Yale entertainers! ! the sun predicted the fate of love! 12 constellations not selling, complex salon resolution, the real 18 year old Takei Emi, "Harajuku women Girly system" - favorite style of winter, I will care! Neat hair style snap system, CUTiE beloved Cosmetics Awards 2012, and more.

BLENDA (ブレンダ) January 2013

BLENDA (ブレンダ) January 2013 Kato Miliyah  加藤ミリヤ Miliyah Kato

The January 2013 issue of Blenda features Kato Miliyah as the cover girl. Inside features pop culture with Kana Nishino, Orange Caramel, KARA, Miki Fujimoto, & Matsuzuka Tori, 2012-2013 Winter Love Casual, "BLENDA Girls" SNAP from three major cities - Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya!, Santa Miliyah!, touch Me - The latest trends in check 2013 S / S Collection, delusion of Holy Night
Photo STORY, BRUSH UP! Winter's hottest items from popular brands, LOVe XMAS 0 Xmas gift & Wish list!, Xmas nails, and more.

sesame (セサミ) January 2013

sesame (セサミ) January 2013
The January 2013 issue of Sesame features a Shirley Temple 2013 spring booklet, parents and children go out, traveling in winter 2013,  It's popular in 2013! 2013 trend forecast for Mom & Kids- SPOT, FASHION, AMUSEMENT, FOOD, ECOLOGY ...,  favorite sundries, favorite interior - Simple stylish makeover goods plus one - fun in the children's room - Kids Room Report, Merry Chirstmas! ! Been waiting for this day to come - Decorate the Christmas Gift ornament & Mary, Illumination spot 2012-2013,  "Hankyu Umeda head office" - Baby and children's clothing for all floors, Journey to the land of which is Japan's most beloved. Yesterday, Kyoto, Arashiyama., and more.

mina (ミーナ) January 2013

mina (ミーナ) January 2013年1月号  表紙:吉倉あおい yoshikura aoi
The January 2013 issue of  Mina features Aoi Yoshikura as the cover model. Inside features "how does it feel ? - marriage and pregnancy, special "The Taste of Mom" book in book, the latest fashionable knitwear, cosmetic & skincare emergency, always be together - purses, jewelry, watch etc., mina cover girl special talk with Aoi Yoshikura and more.


CanCam (キャンキャン) February 2013

CanCam (キャンキャン) February 2013 japanese magazine scans
The February 2013 issue of CanCam features pop culture and music with MYNAME / AKB48/ J Soul Brothers / EXILE / U-KISS/ Ran Yoshiyuki/ Mukai Osamu, Best Cosmetic CanCam AWARD! Elected from among my recommendations was published in 2012! CanCam Puripura Cosmetics Grand prize - announced!, simple hair arrangements, Portrait of J - Aiba Masaki, buy cheap & cute tiems for under 15,00 yen! , coats and clothing for an extremely cold day, UNIQLO - brush UP your winter style, Wonderland Dresses Less than 10,000 yen!, BEST coordination of midwinter - From 1 to 10, Month of January - Coordination showdown, Midwinter fashion! Copy of Koharu! Lee of Ikumi! Mirrors of Mizuki! Tomoe Mizuki, ha!, Ike vs. Miyu dress showdown! Large Beauty & Fashion feature,  the secrets of Satomi Ishihara, and more.

Newtype (ニュータイプ) January 2013

Newtype (ニュータイプ) January 2013 "Magi"  「マギ」 anime/manga magazine

The January 2013 issue of Newtype features "Magi" as the cover story. Inside features a 2013 Illustration Calendar - Code Geass: Akito of the Lost Kingdom/ Bakemono  Gatari/ A Certain Magical Index, / Hanasaku Iroha, etc., Pinup  "The Movie: Blue Exorcist " "Fate / stay night [Realta Nua]", also inside Sword Art Online, Gothic Made, Madoka, Psycho-Pass, and more.

MonoMax (モノマックス) January 2013

MonoMax (モノマックス) January 2013 japanese magazine scans

The January 2013 issue of MonoMax features Classic & New COACH -  Masterpieces Full explanation, watches - Should I buy "the special one" now?, glasses are amazing! TOPICS09,  useful "Headphones" Guide, easy navigation - the drive is fun!, I heard the shop! It is now selling "Immediate use" Gifts- Available for purchase by mail order and all U3 million yen, Best Mono 2012 - best bags, gear, wear, etc.,  and more.

KERA! (ケラ) February 2013

KERA! (ケラ) February 2013 Shoko Nakagawa 中川翔子 magazine scans
The February 2013 issue of Kera features Shoko Nakagawa as the cover model. Inside features boys and girls winter style lolita - boys & girls lolita picture book, Shoko Nakagawa - MOON night Fantasy, Tokyo and Nagoya Street Snap ~,  New Year Recommended items are in full array - Shop BOOK, 2013 Must Buy Collection accessory, Fate on my side! The first half of 2013 Horoscope, STOP! Dry winter skin, Everyone's longing for Fashionable uniforms - uniform style!!, Make up, hair, fashion etc. I will introduce the latest looks! Read, Secrets of the Beautiful models BOOKLily · AKIRA · Re: NO, Yura ,Ayako Shiratama, Runa Haruna,· · · A total of 15 people! You should check the trends of 13 children! Animal motif / BLACK Style / Leather Bottom /
British Style / lady like Lolita ... etc. Winter Style Sprint!, and more.

FINEBOYS (ファインボーイズ) January 2013

FINEBOYS (ファインボーイズ) January 2013 Kamenashi Kazuya 亀梨和也

The January 2013 issue of Fineboys features Kamenashi Kazuya as the cover model. Inside features a  special Kamenashi Kazuya  - In Out Aisho Gaku booklet, FINEBOYS store openings - the Repo festival climax,  Hand Denim derived from "My Best Shoes", "Moon Star" Special events to be held!, Cast a spell! Legend of class - King of Winter Tech 300, also inside Matsuzaka Tori, Matayoshi Naoki, Tomomi Kasai, AKB48 and more.

SEDA (セダ) January 2013

SEDA (セダ) January 2013 Kaela Kimura 木村カエラ magazine scans
The January 2013 issue of SEDA features Kaela Kimura as the cover model. Inside features  three thematic colors, wearing winter clothes for 90days Casual BLACK [Miho]/ Natural BEIGE [Masumi]/  and Sweet PASTEL [Ayami],  the SCOOP on the Best Selling outwear 15,750 yen or less, SEDA featured brands - Nomination buying LIST, the year 2013 methods of good fortune, Welcome to the world of Decora Style Access, Ikumi style analysis, Natsume-chan winter outwear recommendations, SEDA winter beauty book, best hit cosmetics winter 2012, and more.

GLITTER (グリッター) January 2013

GLITTER (グリッター) January 2013 キャンディス・スワンポールCandice Swanepoel magazine scans
The January 2013 issue of Glitter features Candice Swanepoel as the cover model. Inside features New Years party every day!, romantic lingerie - midwinter decoration, Winter Days - seasons spent in outerwear and top party dresses, Help Now! Hair trend,  winter art arrangements, busty bras in your life, Tropical Woman - 11 midwinter beauty secrets/ 10 lifestyle things/ Winter style of "celebrity everlasting summer"/ strongest midwinter style, DIVA RULES - Oral beauty Special, knowledge of a Party Girl, the housecleaning of life, How to cut off a lazy romance, and more.

anan (アン・アン) Volume 1836

anan (アン・アン) Volume 1836 2012 12/19  生田斗真 Toma Ikuta magazine scans
AnAn Volume 1836 features Toma Ikuta as the cover model. Inside features Miracle even more than live-action manga So adult addictive! Animated world. Hometown LOVE. New Year Japan - Tour of the 47 prefectures in the taste of home!, Foreign dramas that I can not stop watching, Love, work, Work of human relationships in trouble! Kotobuki Tsukasa's movie "Prescription",  and more.

POPEYE (ポパイ) January 2013

POPEYE (ポパイ) Janaury 2013 japanese magazine scans
The January 2013 issue of Popeye features City Boy - Room and D. I. Y. - THIS IS WHERE CITY BOYS LIVE,  D.I.Y - I'm fun!,  try to find the interior at a flea market overseas!,  Room where he had lived in the days of their 20s. -Yoshitomo Nara, Ken Yokoyama, Peter Barakan, Tomorowo Taguchi,
Hirofumi Kurino, Shinichiro Nakahara
, etc., Good Life,  let 's go to the shop experts for recommendations, "ACE HARDWARE" -  it is a treasure trove of good design tools!, Passion for tools, Tokyo 20s City Boy room, and more.

Men's JOKER (メンズジョーカー) January 2013

Men's JOKER (メンズジョーカー) January 2013 Shun Oguri 小栗旬 magazine scans
The January 2013 issue of Men's Joker features Shun Oguri as the cover model. Inside features  a smart attraction to layered winter styles, 37 Brand Total Testimony & SHOP!, midwinter sneakers - winter style lesson,  close up interview with Shun Oguri, "Mens JOKER Accessory" -4 large classic styles - elevated ~! Winter Styling Access, and more.

MEN'S NON-NO (メンズノンノ) January 2013

MEN'S NON-NO (メンズノンノ) January  2013 Jun Matsumoto  松本潤 of Arashi
The January 2013 issue of Men's Nonno features Jun Matsumoto as the cover model. Inside features SHINee is dressed - Denim Winter Style, Louis & Greg "Club Happy Suites",  All Shop WEB! Captivating lifestyle shop opens!,  Shop for the first time, 55 outfit ideas, special flaship store opens in Japan, cover interview with Jun Matsumoto, 50 professinal fashion trends, and more.

GINZA (ギンザ) January 2013

GINZA (ギンザ) January 2013 Haruka Ayase 綾瀬はるか
The January 2013 issue of Ginza features Haruka Ayase as the cover model. Inside features winter Culture Guide,  Standard forever! - HER STANDARD Haruka Ayase - PLEASE, REPEAT AFTER ME! - Shitourei World Snap,  Matsuura-Yataro -MY BASIC STYLE 30 - Comfortably every day, MY STANDARD COLLECTION ISETAN DICTIONARY, Special last minute Christmas rush - Woman in the black dress - Christmas Eve Makeup,  the adventure of six - Love-winter - WHEN HE FALLS IN LOVE, There were three women - GUCCI of Lord of the Rings, MARC JACOBS - Magnetic force!, ROBERTO CAVALLI - I am gossip party girl, MICHAEL KORS - Sparkling night, and more.

Casa BRUTUS (カーサブルータス) January 2013

Casa BRUTUS (カーサブルータス) January 2013 magazine scans

The January 2013 issue of Casa Brutus features BEST DESIGN CATALOG 2013, Design Week in Tokyo 2012 - fall event report , the age of lifestyle restaurants has begun, Big Game design group - a new landmark in Tokyo, Aoyama Omotesando - the latest interior shop MAP, Tokyo Souvenir Shop by Design, design news, selected shops, and more.


BAILA (バイラ) January 2013

BAILA (バイラ) January 2013 Youn-a ヨンア 

The January 2013 issue of BAILA features Youn-A as the cover model. Inside features special interviews with cool and passionate Kamenashi Kazuya and Eita, Haruka Ayase - MY classic winter, Pregnancy and childbirth situations - Now it has become this! !, writer Akiko Miyaki - Face seven, 2013 "feng shui reset" of happiness, All About Youn-A - special close and interview, Seriously this time - the eradication of acne!,  Hair Tutorial of the season, Arashi close up and more.

Marisol (マリソル) January 2013

marisol (マリソル) January 2013 Brenda ブレンダ jmagazine scans
The January 2013 issue of Marisol features Brenda as the cover model. Inside features Marisol Award Best Cosmetics of Winter, Mai Nishiyama - Beautiful life! 40-year-old make-up, loose curly hair is in!, "could use this!" - Thorough survey of real voices - Marisol staff with origami! 100 shopping list, stylist Naoko Okusa - Dress in December  - Coordination to survive the week, The new Winter "Tricolor"  Mix, Chanel jacket - New challenges of Kyoko Hasegawa, Navy Court of Kyoko Kikuchi, and more.

COTTON TIME (コットンタイム) January 2013

Cotton Time (コットンタイム) January 2013

The January 2013 issue of Cotton Time features For broken ends, thoroughly used up! - Broken ends - 20 used up ideas, we can create the next one! Pretty simple - Tingling Practical cases in an hour, Smart Cartons, Yes fun matching Shell Case Collection, make ruffle drawstring bag & shoes , celebrate the three major events of winter with handmade goods, felt made Gadgets & accessories, and more.

Precious (プレシャス) January 2013

The January 2013 issue of Precious features model Teika Maki's  "recipes of beauty",  Kerarino interview Mr. Sandro Vittorio switch, casual winter beyond recognition "Near Lee White"!, Let's go on a journey happy scarfs and "Hermes", luxury stylish woman of "tailor-made"  - be crazy, I need "Kokkuri lotion" for dry winter skin to the core! Inevitable luck "Shrine"Secret 10 "Masterpiece" of love" - Precious Art lovers speak of generations and more.

Lady Boutique (レディブティック) January 2013

Lady Boutique (レディブティック) January 2013

The January 2013 issue of Lady Boutique features street clothing for the New Year, design topics "color-blocking", city winter wear for the Misses, designer Junko Shimada - cute adult clothing, remake nice winter clothing, enjoy a handmade winter hat, and more.


Zipper (ジッパー) February 2013

Zipper (ジッパー) February 2013 Kimura Kaela 木村カエラ magazine scans

The February 2013 issue of Zipper features Kaela Kimura as the cover models. Inside features fashion and beauty with AMOYAMO, fashion SNAP, winter hair styles, must have midwinter items and more.

Sweet (スウィート) January 2013

sweet (スウィート) January 2013 Rinka 梨花

The January 2013 issue of Sweet features Rinka as the cover model. Inside features Jewel Narrows, it is a romantic travel bag for winter in PARIS, useful travel ITEMS, giving and receiving a Happy Gift, Ishihara Satomi feel in love with the Historic city - LONDON GUIDE, fashionable girl glasses, classic style budget makeover at 10000 yen!, dramatic winter make up, plain clothing fashion SNAP, Haruna Kojima - a holiday dream, and more.

SENSE (センス) January 2013

SENSE (センス) January 2013

The January 2013 issue of Sense features The party style of a man Diamond Ukiah (rock singer) / DAISHI DANCE (DJ / producer) / MATSU (EXILE) /Koji Matoba (Actor)/ and Junichi Ishida / (Actor),  the Black Man - Topic: "Best Buy Spring-Summer 2013", 5 brand selections by the Editor-in-Chief, dress code for the New Year, fashion savvy adults - 5 must have styles for winter - Isamu Katayama (designer and representative director backlash) / Motofumi "POGGY" Ogi (UNITED ARROWS buyer / UNITED ARROWS Sands Director) / and Ewan Playford (PLAYFORD / RR Inc.), and more.

JILLE (ジル) January 2013

JILLE (ジル) January 2013 YUI magazine scans

The January 2013 issue of Jille features YUI as the cover girl. Inside features SHINee - Talk 2 You, midwinter street SNAP - SNP real trends of the city! ! - Fukuoka + Hiroshima + Kobe + Kyoto + Nagoya + Tokyo + Osaka + Sapporo + Sendai,  a Winter Style UPDATE - a demonstration by stylist Ms. Chie Ninomiya, JILLE midwinter nail navigation, bag contents of the fashionista world, coordinate different styles - Hair Tutorial -7days, getting the real brand back, brush up on fashionable accessories now! - YUI accessories, I love shoes, socks, and tights as well!, Stylish everyday I want to know! - Fukuoka / Osaka / Tokyo - 1WEEK salon staff, WISH BEST 10 Knitwear, Final conclusion on outwear trends, and more.



Tomomo japanese magazine scans

TomoTomo,  a Japanese hair magazine for men and women, from 2008 to 2012. Please report any broken links. All links are on Mediafire. Like us on Facebook to show your support. Please remember to say, Thank you. Enjoy!


fruits japanese magazine scans

FRUITS, Japanese street fashion snap magazine, from 2008 to 2010. Please report any broken links. All links are on Mediafire. Like us on Facebook to show your support.

In Red (インレッド) January 2013 [UPDATED]

In Red (インレッド) January 2013 "Asou Kumiko" 表紙:麻生久美子
The January 2013 issue of InRed features Asou Kumiko as the cover model. Inside features a neat way to decorate small rooms, behind the scenes of an adult home party, a guide to repel the cold, easy hair tutorial, and more.

nicola (ニコラ) January 2013

nicola (ニコラ) January 2013 japanese magazine scans
The January 2013 issue of Nicola features a 2012 ranking of everything, 4ever vs TIFN, red and white battle No. 1, ANAP girl's fashion, special booklet - Today, you begin a new love, mid-winter fashions, winter make up and more.

Ollie (オーリー) December 2012

Ollie (オーリー) December 2012 Ken Yokoyama magazine scans
The December 2012 issue of Ollie features Ken Yokoyama as the cover model. Inside features inter view with cover king Ken Yokoyama - Continue through the independent activities, approaching the way of life for a rock legend, GIFT Guide - carefully selected accessories for friends, families, and lovers, complete Guide to imported brands - interesting Independent foreign Street brands, PUNKROCK vs HIPHOP  - Latest style battle - Which is cool now?, absolute favorite winter outwear and military gear and more.


Numero TOKYO (ヌメロ・トウキョウ) January/February 2013

Numero TOKYO (ヌメロ・トウキョウ) January/ February 2013 Hilary Rhonda cover model
The January/February 2013 issue of Numero Tokyo features Hilary Rhonda as the cover girl. Inside features Astrologer Sakura Tachibana's 2013 "Good Luck" horoscope,  leader of EXILE,HIRO is the Strength of Noguchi, inspirational film biography, Kikkake wa koredeshita Vol. 36 Sasaki nozomi, Tetsuya Komur "thoughts now", Hinano Yoshikawa Hinano Yoshikawa - molting and release, legendary fashion editor - the Charisma of Diana Vreeland, and more.

Domani (ドマーニ) January 2013

Domani (ドマーニ) January 2013 jmagazine scans

The January 2013 issue of Domani features Kurara Chibana as the cover model. Inside features Kurara Chibana " How to make a woman?", this winter waer your skirt well, Kim Namugiru - grabbing the hearts of Japanese women, mid-winter fashion guide, make up in minutes, Let's talk underwear - body of an adult woman - cute boobs & butt book, and more.

GQ JAPAN (ジーキュージャパン) January 2013

GQ JAPAN (ジーキュージャパン) January 2013  MEN OF THE YEAR 2012
The January 2013 issue of GQ Japan features Men of the Year: Yuji Oda/ Shinoyama Kishin Hyadain/ Kenichi Yamada /Kitajima Kosuke/ Murata Ryōta/ Ariyoshi Hiroiki and Maesawa Tomosaku, and Woman of the Year Yayoi Kusama. In side features GQ Series - Takeshi Naganuma Man of the Month/ Conditions of a gentleman Shunsaku Kawake/ GQ party/ GQ WARDROBE - Norio Osumi Dojo style, GQ Specials - Top 25 most stylish movies ever/ close up with Lana del Rey/ geeks to "inflated ego" / Fukushima decontamination truth of business by Yahagi Toshihiko / Tokunoshima Travelogue Island of bullfighting, GQ FASHION and more.

bea’s up (ビーズアップ) December 2012

bea’s up (ビーズアップ) December 2012 Nozomi Sasaki 佐々木希

The December 2012 issue of Beas Up features Nozomi Sasaki as the cover model. Inside features bathroom beauties with Yuki Maomi,  Ito Chiaki of AAA, & Riena, a cute hair and accessories relationship,,Body Cream 100, We want "Djikara eye makeup!" - eyecare for the mid-winter season,
2012 ☆ LOVE cosmetics showdown at the summit, Silent Xmas with Nozomi Sasaki - cover girl of the month, chosen by readers! BEST COSME AWARD 2012, and more.

men’s egg (メンズエッグ) December 2012

men’s egg (メンズエッグ) December 2012  magazine scans
The December 2012 issue of Men's Egg features a sup;er hair catalog, " God of Man" Archives- The legendary erotic women live, style system - killer winter items, start now "popular" ABC of fall, Menmo and shop staff initiation! - autumn deepens "TWO FACE" Style!, completely covered everything full throttle outwear, and more.

Domani (ドマーニ) September 2012 [FIXED]

Domani (ドマーニ) september 2012年9月 知花くらら kurara chibana

Domani (ドマーニ) September 2012
Domani (ドマーニ) 2012年9月

Cure (キュア) January 2013 [FIXED]

Cure (キュア) Janaury 2013年1月号 Vol.112 【表紙&巻頭】 己龍 Kiryu visual kei magazine scans
The January 2013 issue of Cure feature Kiryu as the cover models. Inside features critical interview with Maschera, band feature "D", cover and  top feature Kiryu, Monthly Special with MEJIBRAY & FEST VAINQUER, live report -  BANDS SHOCK Revolution 12'/CELL/DIV/GAKIDO/Blitz, Band Pick Up - FULL EFFECT & Kodomo Dragon (コドモドラゴン), BAND CLOSE UP - Blue-BILLioN/ A/ Hana Shōnen Badīzu (花少年バディーズ) /LOST ASH, Band File  - DOG in the Parallel World Orchestra / 凛 (Rin) /UNITE, and more.

ELLE JAPON (エルジャポン) January 2013 [UPDATED]

ELLE JAPON (エルジャポン) January 2013 japanese fashion magazine scans

The January 2013 issue of Elle Magazine features a special Kate Spade calendar appendix, 2013 Six Month Horoscope booklet with Kagami Ryūji/ Saya/ Shidzuki Kaho, interview with evolving diva - Gwen Stefani, chat with legendary fashion editor - Diana Vreeland, Announced! ELLE Beauty Award 2012, Good Gift BOOK, Ultimate Shipping Bible, Preliminary Spring Summer Collection 2013 - The dawn of a new era of dramatic modes in spring has begun., 165 books that changed the life of 47 people, a coverage of fantastic books, and more.

Steady. (ステディ) January 2013 [UPDATED]

steady. (ステディ) January 2013 Haruka Ayase 綾瀬はるか japanese magazine scans

The January 2013 issue of Steady features Haruka Ayase as the cover model. Inside features cute and easy winter hair arrangements, shine! lip gloss, makeup moisturizing, 2012 award cosmetics, healthy and delicious - beautiful woman who can cook, wear anytime - lucky charm jewelry, scroll lessons - fashionable winter, collection of wallets, bags, and more.

Popteen (ポップティーン) January 2013 [FIXED]

Popteen (ポップティーン) January 2013年1月号 【表紙】 西野カナ Kana Nishino magazine scans

This download has been fixed. The January 2013 issue of Popteen features J-pop singer Kana Nishino as the cover model. Inside features love messages to everyone from Kanayan - talks about her single "Always", Xmas make up love bloom from POP models, outerwear fashion midwinter 71 SNAP ! !, popular SHOP from press - December "Coordinated Fashion " Encyclopedia, specials just before Xmas - 156 beauty items, music special with GACKT, GENERATIONS, etc., POP models transformation fashion show, mid-winter hair arrangements, holidays nails and more.


NYLON JAPAN (ナイロンジャパン) January 2013

NYLON JAPAN (ナイロンジャパン) January 2013 Kaela Kimura 木村カエラ

The January 2013 issue of Nylon features Kaela Kimura as the cover girl. Inside features 2013 Kiko Mizuhara calendar, winter style booklet, Naironisu Sample Collection Style, It Girl of winter Paparazzi style!, Winter Outerwear Final chapter, Styling Art - Winter Knitwear, interview and fashion with Kaela Kimura, the latest look book from very popular brands, midwinter style sample, and more.

egg (エッグ) January 2013

egg (エッグ) January 2013 egg model Yun (c) gyaru magazine scans

The January 2013 issue of Egg features Egg Model, Yun, as the cover girl. Inside features YunPact!! egg model - Yun (c),  Declaration "cute" complete with make-up, GAL WINTER! Outer wear boots 1WEEK Turn! !, BEST hair catalog, FASHION WARS! Ne moya yo × Ma nya! Plain clothes, summit showdown!, Sokko Beautiful Event Style, Don't flatter anyone - BLACK STYLE, photo mail, and more.

Scawaii! (エスカワイイ) January 2013

Scawaii! (エスカワイイ) January 2013 Saeko  紗栄子
The January 2013 issue of Scawaii features Saeko as the cover model. Inside features  J ☆ Special Close-up with Ryosuke Yamada of Hey! Say! JUMP, stand out with special winter HOLIDAY nails, get a Cute body before Xmas, TOKYO PARTY QUEEN - fashionable people delivering the most  this season - PARTY style!, Challenge the limits of cheapness! -Less than $999 for ALL - MAKE Events featuring Yasukawa cosmetics, survive the New Year with midwinter hair arrangements, and more.

duet (デュエット) January 2013

duet (デュエット)  January 2013 Ryosuke Yamada  & Daiki Arioka of Hey Say Jump   山田涼介 & 有岡大貴

The January 2013 issue of Duet features Ryosuke Yamada  & Daiki Arioka of Hey! Say! JUMP as the cover models. Inside features a pin up with  Taisuke Fujigaya & Yuta Tamamori of Kis-My-Ft2, close up with Hey! Say! JUMP/ Kis-My-Ft2/ NYC, Kansai Johnny's Jr. Concert Report  with Yuma Nakayama / Sexy Zone/ Johnny's Jr./ Hiroki Uchi/ A.B.C-Z/ KAT-TUN/ NEWS, Best of Duet 2012, d-Best Album of 2012.  Also inside, AKB48 Tomomi Kasai, Takei Emi, Chiba Yūdai, Seto Kōji, Matsui Jurina, Miura Shōhei, Watarirōka Hashiritai, Ōno ito, and more.

anan (アン・アン) Volume 1835

anan (アン・アン) Volume 1835 2012年12/12号
Anan Volume 1835 covers cleaning and tidying up in this issue. Inside features large collection of 18 handsome men, get help with your closet and shoebox, easy clean up - cleaning methods you should try, popular cleaning items, help from cleaning professionals and more.

25ans (ヴァンサンカン) January 2013

25ans (ヴァンサンカン) January 2013 anne watanabe
The January 2013 issue of 25ans is the 400th Happy Anniversary issue that features Anne Watanabe as the cover model. Inside features a Princess Catherine BOOK with over 350+ Snap Shots! - fashion from 2011-2012, loose celebrity hair styles, Share Your Love - 2013 White Paper Charity, survey of 400 people - "How to attract luck?" - women's happiness bible, Kamenashi Kazuya and Anne Watanabe in happiness mode, celebrity luck story and number lucky color - Pink, Takei Emi is waiting for the GUCCI Cruise Collection - Flora Girl in Milan, Fendi's top Lady Style trends, Marc Jacobs - heroine of accessories, Emporio Armani top season - daily black, Tiffany & Co loves luxury - Do you know Elsa Peretti?, and more.