Cure October 2013

Cure (キュア)  October 2013年10月号 Vol.121  ROYZ

The October 2013 issue of Cure features Royz as the cover band. Inside features Black Gene For the Next Scene releasing their first full album, full length interview and pin-ups with Royz, band features - Kameleo/ Onore Ryu, Live Report - Sadie/ DuelJewel/R-Shitei/DIAURA (Self-Report), MoNoLith (self-report +7 / 28 Shibuya O-WEST)/ USA Live ANIME EXPO 2013,  fashion & styling - CHISA/ Lycaon, band close up with Glam Grammar personal interview with BugLug's Dr. Hata Umi and more.


JJ October 2013

JJ (ジェイジェイ) October 2013年10月号 Kana Nishino 西野カナ

The October 2013 issue of JJ features Kana Nishino as the cover model. Inside features JJ Hawaii Book 2013, Unsatisfactory adult cute look - First Update "adult-like" in the "fall color depth!" - Fall trend is Ready To boost the "adult look"! - Digested skill of basic clothing, "feminine casual" with Saeko 10 Laws of Style, casual accessory colors, Dear Mr. SAINT LAURENT, meeting with Miranda Kerr, The Path of Kana Nishonmo - interview after 5 years debut and unpublished jacket cover, resolve your foot problems and more.

CHOKi CHOKi October 2013

ChokiChoki (チョキチョキ) October 2013年10月号Rui Kurihara 栗原類

The October 2013 issue of Choki Coki features Rui Kurihara as the cover model. Inside features Monthly stylish Hime - Sadachi Momoko, Katsuna Shiori interview, Strongest of the month it BOY! Snap Live! !, Reopening! CHOKiCHOKi Channel, THE KING AS A CREATOR - people who create style for kings,COLOR IN THE LIFE Direction by Yoshiaki Komatsu, 4 large seasonal style PERFECT BOOK - must know fashion knowledge, resolving the complex of fashion! Mix-and-match of the fashion art King - There is no money! ! Affordable price wearing HINT Collection - overcoming your Body Type, Mix-and-match 7DAYS of fall of the fashion King, hair solutions, Eliminates trouble with the correct care - Acne measures and more.

SPUR October 2013

SPUR (シュプール) October 2013年10月号

The October 2013 issue of Spur features SPUR mini Paris - the cutest ever lived! Delicious Paris BOOK,Daily fashion calendar of September, backstage departure - 2013 - '14 fall and winter trend Bulletin - 100 clothes fall fashionistas want to wear, One-piece dress and a skirt and knit. Now, the door of Autumn mode is opened - Mademoiselle Museum of secret, 2013 - '14 A / W Haute Couture Collection and more.

GISELe October 2013

GISELe (ジゼル) October 2013年10月号 Taylor Swift テイラー・スウィフト

The October 2013 issue of Gisele features Taylor Swift as the cover model. Inside features adventurous fall hair colors, adult style well formed class make up, popular brand choice of BAGS, full interview with Taylor Swift, autumn style mix-and-match, favorite all shoes Grand Prix and more.

Oggi October 2013

Oggi (オッジ) October 2013 Hana Matsushima 松島花

The October 2013 issue of Oggi features Hana Matsushima as the cover model. Inside features Trench Beauties SNAP, A Tribute to the fall intellectual fashion beauty! Shoes & Bags Encyclopedia AtoZ, cute adlt styles for early fall and more.

SHOXX October 2013

SHOXX (ショックス) October 2013年10月号 the GazettE

The October 2013 issue of Shoxx features The Gazette as the cover band. Inside features a full length interview with YOMI of Nightmare -  On 21st-August, Nightmare, celebrated the 10th anniversary of their major debut., Transformation of The Gazette - new single release of FADELESS and new album, pin-ups with Plastic Tree, DaizyStripper, Alice Nine, Mejibray, Vistlip, DIAURA, R-Shitei, Kra, Kiryu,  and more.

FIGARO October 2013

FIGARO japon (フィガロジャポン)  October 2013年10月号

The October 2013 issue of Figaro features the latest Lady Principle - be a dramatic woman - dress code 10 - perfect style dictionary - shopping list of the heroine, I bloom in Paris, Praise to Rome Fendi (Tribute). New Best Buy autumn colors - the new adult cute red lip color, the start to beautiful adult skin - Figaro Beauty strike seven, announced!, Lady Fragrance named, Miss Dior., to manipulate light and shadow - Tom Ford Autumn colors of beauty. new series - "Never went to paris" with Yamauchi Mariko, nomadic life longing autumn make over, the Happy Bohemian., Select by my own sensibility - Chanel skin care, interview - Carla Bruni - with love in music and more.

FEMALE Autumn 2013

FEMALE(フィーメィル) September 2013年9月号

The Autumn 2013 issue of Female features simple sewing of Autumn that can be made in one day, must have hand made items of the season! Trend keyword BEST7 of autumn,Tanaka Chiyo Fashion College Experience enrollment report, handmade outerwear universal mix-and-match,  fulfill the dream of home sewing with the Bernina Sewing Machine,  how to make the prototype ~About the culture prototype formula, Doreme formula prototype~, let's make lingerie and room wear, wardrobe of autumn to make with paisley and more.

COTTON TIME September 2013

Cotton Time (コットンタイム) September 2013年9月号

The September 2013 issue of Cotton Time features Lets party! Cute Halloween goods,Tell me! How to succeed in the bazaar and flea market world, Check trends in Taiwan's largest handmade handicraft exhibition, cute leisure goods - fall outing bags - autumn useful leisure goods, End out of Love 51 Single Use Ideas and more.

Bijin Hyakka September 2013

Bijin Hyakka (美人百花) (びじんひゃっか) September 2013年9月号 Coco Kinoshita 木下ココ

The September 2013 issue of Bijin Hyakka features Coco Kinoshita as the cover model. Inside features Koichi Sato - Handsome Man Award, matter of taste I love Miranda Kerr, brand of love "Only fall clothes cute adult" Collection and more.

QLAP! September 2013

QLAP! (クラップ) September 2013年9月号  Kis-My-Ft2

The September 2013 issue of Qlap features Kis-My-Ft2 as the cover band. Inside features Satoshi Ohno - starring  in "24 Hour Television" Special TV Drama and starring in a new drama!, NEWS - Live tour started in the Holy Land - Prince Chichibu Memorial Rugby Field., A. B. C-Z - First crown variety that travel across the country - new special "ABChanZOO", interviews with Kansai Johnny's Jr., Kento Nakajima, Masaki Suda, "PLAYZONE 13 SONG & DANC'N. PART3. ", and more.

BLENDA Septemeber 2013

BLENDA (ブレンダ) September 2013年9月号Miranda Kerr ミランダ・カー

The September 2013 issue of Blenda features Miranda Kerr as the cover model. Inside features BLENDA HOMME with Takeshi Sano, It girl ◎ Mizusawa Ari, hair arrangement guide to start from the ground up!, Genius coordinates for the last of summer - "monotone" and "non-monotone"!, autumn tops 55 immediately must buying, repair hair and skin from the summer damage - maintenance mode!, strongest methods for beautiful legs and more.

Casa BRUTUS September 2013

Casa BRUTUS (カーサブルータス) September 2013年9月号

The September 2013 issue of Casa Brutus features LIVING WITH NORDIC DESIGN - I live in a masterpiece of Scandinavian design as the cover story. Inside features Nordic vintage manual, New standard of Scandinavian design, Akira Minagawa visited the summer house of Lisa Larson., Eternal - The Masterpieces of Nordic Design  - Nordic masterpiece furniture catalog - Travel in the northwest and the beautiful new Oslo, the foodie world of Northern Europe - SETOUCHI TRIENNALE 2013 - 2013 · Tourist Guide Setouchi International Art Festival. and more.


Soup. October 2013

Soup October 2013年10月号 Kiko Mizuhara 水原希子

The October 2013 issue of Soup features Kiko Mizuhara as the cover model. Inside features a Soup. Special Interview with Yamada Takayuki,damage hair and skin rescue!,The shift change to fall face!, 134 fall trend sneakers to buy now!!,old clothes MIX mix-and-match autumn 28DAYS, stylish fall trend accessories, the fall seasonal street look of Kiko Mizuhara, 2013 Trend forecast for fall RANKING! ! From popular brand shop staff to model stylists and more.

MAQUIA October 2013

MAQUIA (マキア) October 2013年10月号 Haruna Kojima 小嶋陽菜 (AKB48)

The October 2013 issue of Maquia features Haruna Kojima as the cover model. Inside features How to Be Nishino Kana, an interview with Kamenashi Kazuya, This is the condition of beauty. as the top story, Innovation beauty sold in no make-up powder!, teaching you the face of autumn, Philosophy - Masahiro Nakai close up, black ships cosmetics meets Japan!,  Beauty skin foundation full navigation book,  Sweet hair master BOOK, Beauty of occasion My rule 81, opening splendidly! Bell rose make-up theater,<summer fall skin relief project> Summer fall skin, re-built to quench! ! and more.

anan Volume 1868

anan(アン・アン) Volume 1868 2013年8/14-21合併号 Taisuke Fujigaya 藤ヶ谷太輔 (Kis-My-Ft2)

Volume 1868 of Anan features Taisuke Fujigaya of Kis-My-Ft2 as the cover model. Inside features their history, The best experience. The feeling each other, SEX as the cover story, interview masters of erotic!With Naoki Yamamoto / Emoto Junko, Taisuke Fujigaya - give it away, I want to do this, it should be this way ...! A collection of secret desire., sex talk - my body gets hot every time I remember ..., equipment & s ervices are so enriched! Couples latest hotel guide, itch and odor plus pubic hair problems pile! Sensitive zone care, health chat - women have to decide contraception in the future., arouse him - sensual lingerie enchanted., COOKING - theme of this month "a menu that does not use the fire" with Yuko Watanabe, BEAUTY - The moisturizing skin! The shine on the eyelid! Check out must-have item for fall and more.

GINZA September 2013

GINZA (ギンザ) September 2013年9月号

The September 2013 issue of Ginza features  GINZA IN DA HOUSE ·"My clothes and a room" as te top story, a special supplement booklet # 01 apart by lowrys - "2013 AUTUMN & WINTER SPECIAL EDITION LIKE A BOY, LIKE A GIRL ", latest catalog 100 bags of crush - glitter/ lightweight/ classic/ Mini & Petite/ A4 clutch, 2013-14 A / W WORLD COLLECTION  Melia-ahead Fall Winter Collection - Editor KAORI of "Paris this and that" StoryFour cities collection snap Paris Tokyo Sydney Singapore, Tamanasa Tamaranki of "Korehoshī!' SPECIAL, bags you love ~ 2013 FALL BAG All-Star~ and more.

Cotton friend Autumn 2013

Cotton friend (コットンフレンド0 September  2013年9月号

The Autumn 2013 edition of Cotton friend features cute and clean fall clothing, fall sewing arrival, Recipes with items INDEX,clothes pattern arrangement,plain pants and pants pattern, corduroy print in all attire, pajamas to wear with the family, home wear handmade and more.

FUDGE September 2013

FUDGE (ファッジ) September 2013年9月号

The September 2013 issue of Fudge features brand pickup!! CHANEL, traditional introduction to girls fashion, the stylish pants for the adult cute look, girls love cute accessories ~ All You Need is Kawaii ~, aim for the shoe & bag trends of autumn, a new fall cosmetic to face the seasons ahead, 2 popular classic brand of Paris 《agnes b.》 and 《A.P.C.》, New standard of the fashion girls This fall "Jacket Girl" declaration and more.

Men's JOKER September 2013

Men’s JOKER (メンズジョーカー) September 2013年9月号 Shun Oguri 小栗旬

The September 2013 issue of Men's Joker features Shun Oguri as the cover model. Inside features a " Midsummer T-shirt STYLE SNAP BOOK 2013" · SNAP in six major cities across the country! T-shirt style COLLECTION of midsummer - Select Shop is interested in pushing "this one piece!" Summer T-shirt, Use! Plans to power Up your clothing plus buying new work items, your questions answered! Summer clothes trouble Busters! !, fall and winter fashion NEXT trend Bulletin 2013-2014, stylish value accessory EXPRESS! ! and more.

JILLE September 2013

JILLE (ジル) September 2013年9月号 Kiko Mizuhara 水原希子

The September 2013 issue of Jille features Kiko Mizuhara as the cover model. Inside features GIRLS MEET SHINee, Its SHOES magic, 30days mix-and-match fun - OSAKA Edgy Street & TOKYO Casual Girly, hat and flashy accessories, cute clutch BAGS,starting now NO make BEAUTY, Kiko Mizuhara meets 3.1 Phillip Lim, GIRL Street adult style has come! !, Final conclusion - NOW the HITitems Last Buy! Coordinates of midsummer featuring Gouriki Ayame, Mirori Takimoto/  Arimura Kasumi/ Kariya Yuiko/ Tao Tsuchiya/ Haru/  Yuriko Yoshitaka HIT Item separate catalog and more.

SENSE September 2013

SENSE(センス) September SENSE(センス) 2013年9月号

The September 2013 issue of Sense features master of the black jacket, Tokyo celebrity "black" with Nishikawa Takanori (musician)/ SHOKICHI (EXILE and vocal performer)Kaneko Ken (Actor), black topic - mens sneakers, The Best Sense Collection - fall and winter runway style, "Mastermind Japan" Special!  The Black Sense Market - First bullet held 2013 fall and winter! Tokyo celebrity 5Style - Masaaki Homma (mastermind Japan Designer) / Saburo Hamanaka (lower designer) / Shinsuke Takizawa (Nei Vernon Hood Designer) / YOMI (NIGHTMARE vocal) and more.

Used Mix September 2013

Used Mix(ユーズドミックス) September 2013

The September 2013 issue of Used Mix features 2224 items of Pastel summer pastel autumn coordinates, new popular brands of love, midsummer → early autumn fashion "Correct answer ♪" SNAP Collection, National NEXT Summer of mix-and-match snap star - Summer of heavy rotation.,
UM Creativity is launched, cute retro girl style, Easy! A small face CHANGE - Hair recipes and more.


Ray (レイ) October 2013

Ray (レイ) October 2013 Mayu Watanabe 渡辺麻友 (AKB48)

The October 2013 issue of Ray features Mayu Watanabe of AKB48 as the cover model. Inside features All About SHINee - Shinee's ~Boy Meet U~, contents of the bag of fashion celebrities, Ray model Shiraishi Mai's beauty secrets,  see all NEW fall shoes and bags, Rika Izumi - temperature exploited 30DAYS mix-and-match switch, NEWS Tegoshi's × earth music & ecology × Ray Triple collaboration of Love - First step completed!, become cuter with these NEW diet, hair, and make up tips, New season - Make-up and fashion NEW classical, Ray Hair & make-up answers - 8 real divine testimonies -  Ultimate cosmetics that can be used right now, the rules to bigger eyes, "good hair arrangements", Mayu Watanabe interview and more.

MISS (ミスプラス) October 2013

MISS (ミスプラス) October 2013 Mayumi Sada 佐田真由美

The October 2013 issue of Miss features Mayumi Sada as the cover model. Inside features Fall fashion budget meeting, Kiko Mizuhara plays Audrey style cute adult fashion, Hana Matsushima plays Jackie style intellectual lady, Carefully! The immediate transformation plan from "fatigue summer autumn beauty" in this refuge of beauty, thoroughly teaching the summer autumn taste shift! 30Days of autumn taste,"Power dress" Team of autumn!, Masahiko Kondo - Quite, natural posture and more.

Myojo (ミョウジョウ) October 2013

Myojo (ミョウジョウ) October 2013 SexyZone

The October 2013 issue of Myojo features SexyZone as the cover models. Inside features Arashi - Satoshi Ohno - 24 Hour Television· I feel the love in the family drama special/ Ninomiya Kazunari - Foreign and Loose~Enjoy more in 24 hour TV/ Aiba Masaki - To "Arafesu!" Let's enjoy it together ♪ "Result"And"Unique", Hey! Say! JUMP - JUMP in sync rate CHECK ♪, Kis-My-Ft2 "Hadaka no Jidai" book cover, Sexy Zone one-on-one conversation, Matsumura Hokuto & Jesse Crush LOVE WARS, Kis-My-Ft2 -collaboration festival miracle and readers!, aKpop Special - B1A4/Kara, Kin Kan , NYC, 7West, Johnnys Jr,  ABC-Z, Tomohisa Yamashita and more.

MORE (モア) October 2013

MORE (モア) October 2013 Haruka Ayase 綾瀬はるか

The October 2013 issue of More features Haruka Ayase as the cover model. Inside features Aoi Yu "8740" Special - Ikuta Toma × Aoi Yu, Sweet Talk - Matsumoto Jun × Ueno Juri, Tanaka Miho BOOK - all about MIHO, "bags of destiny" you should buy, How to protect the breasts and uterus ,braided hair arrangements in prettiness renewal of fall, Golden ratio for work coordinates"Basic clothes 7: Trend clothes 3 "- autumn beauty mix-and-match 20Days , "feeling of absolute transparency " adult base make-up, this fall recommended! Weekend Art Maiden Journey, "Imabari towel gymnastics" Out to rescue the tired women ☆, stylish celebrities 'what you want fall" non-stop!! and more.

Popolo (ポポロ) October 2013

Popolo (ポポロ) October 2013 NEWS, Kis-My-ft2,Arashi,Kanjani8,SexyZone

The October 2013 issue of Popolo features NEWS Thank you! 10th Anniversary BOOKLET - Prince Chichibu-live! Each Members full explanation plus behind the scenes! - Great response series"Me and NEWS. Path of the heart for 10 years " Final episode SP symposium, Kis-My-Ft2 Kiss My complete combustion! Special 23 Pages - Exposure symposium! Tours & back Story -Beautiful gravure & long interviews! "Encounter miracles" · Tamamori× Miyata× Chika "Doribotorio SP shot "-Very popular series! "Kiss My newspaper", Taguchi Junnosuke of  KAT-TUN solo long interview,  Shingo Katori - Outing shot and Interviews!, Sexy Zone - Super sexy specialized copy!, Hey! Say! JUMP -6 anniversary Sight! Whatever strengthens the 'members love'! The end of the summer "emergency camp" play-by-play, Kanjani8, Arashi, NYC, ABC-Z and more.

aR (アール) September 2013

ar (アール) september 2013 Rola ローラ

The September 2013 issue of Ar features Rola as the cover model. Inside features Female Girl flow
How to Grow LOVE
Era, one Mote!, Welcome to Rola's mote way!, blossom into a woman - 10 Laws,  This is clean, unbeatable & SEXY - Takeshita Rena in Juicy White, love victory (secret) skills, I have collected - Mote child Private dating style BOOK, secrets to keeping a good figure, ANDO MAYUMI This month's wish list - The Days Tokyo - She is Street Cinderella, <short series> Final episode Happy Bridal Hair, sound like fashion's contents of the iPod and more.

BAILA (バイラ) September 2013

BAILA (バイラ) September 2013 Rinka 梨花

The September 2013 issue of Baila features Rinka as the cover model. Inside features Matsuzaka Tori - a new "shy" hero, Rinka - Shoes & Bags,  my "team up" and "down team", the women of yes/no, fall fashion trends for working woman, exciting weekend clothing, 33 days mix-and-match and more.


nonno (ノンノ) October 2013

nonno (ノンノ) October 2013 Haru &  Aya Omasa 大政絢&波瑠

The October 2013 issue of Nonno features Haru and Aya Omasa as the cover models. Inside features interviews with Toma Ikuta - Shun Oguri - Erika Toda- Fukushi Souta - Tomohisa Yamashita - Mariya Nishiuchi- Ran Yoshiyuki- Haruma Miura - Go Ayano - Matsuzuka Tori - Koji Seto, new eye liner and lip color for fall catalog comparison, Gouriki Ayame - mix-and-match coordinates 14Days, "small face by fall" BOOK, Be the first to start "summer slump skin" recovery skin care, blog & SNS capturing cute prime make up, 200 seasonal starting lineup shoes, "Socks plus" stylish coordinates completed!, Summer clothes EVERYDAY live coverage of real college students, NEW Favorite FALL  tops 100 and more.

CanCam (キャンキャン) October 2013

CanCam (キャンキャン) October 2013 Yamamoto Mizuki 山本美月

The October 2013 issue of CanCam features Yamamoto Mizuki as the cover model. Inside features SHINee SPECIAL BOOK,  Lee Min Ho interview,  Portrait of J with Tomohisa Yamashita & Sato Shori  (SEXYZONE) , close ups THE SECOND from EXILE - Yuka Kashino - Perfume "Become Lovely with ¥ 0" BEAUTY BOOK, This is the history of "CanCam Model Yamamoto Mizuki", Yamamoto Mizuki× 30 days of plain clothes, I will show you! and more.

Mina (ミーナ) October 2013

Mina (ミーナ) October 2013 Aiko jpop

The October 2013 issue of Mina features Aiko as the cover model. Inside features close ups with KARA - Jun Matsumoto - Matsuzuka Tori, Tanaka Miho -Autumn rules for adult preppy style,  Find Out! ! trend tips Banner Barrett Check the new works in the fall and winter!, 2013 AUTUMN OSMOSIS - The seasonal style that you can wear right now LIST, fall No. 1 favorite color NAVY - EARLY AUTUMN diary, interview: aiko ~ Words of love 15 years ~, Miho Kazi shows popular fall fashions and more.

SPRiNG (スプリング) October 2013

SPRiNG (スプリング) October 2013 Keiko Kitagawa  北川景子

The October 2013 issue of Spring features Keiko Kitagawa as the cover model. Inside features D-LITE from BIGBANG, Mitsushima Akira × Ayano Go interviews, close up Matsuzuka Tori, "love, Rilakkuma",  Hair arrangement for work and holiday, MILKFED. I like milkfed,  ZARA Earth music & ecology - Mix-and-match showdown 14DAYS, DV, Stalker · · boyfriend check sheet,  GETTAMAN gymnastics, Self Cute Story-book Nail,Congratulations! Flower 20 anniversary and more.

steady. (ステディ) September 2013

steady. (ステディ) September 2013 Maomi Yuuki 優木まおみ

The September 2013 issue of Steady features Maomi Yuuki as the cover model. Inside features a close up with Hasebe Makoto, interview with Matsuzaka Tori × Ayano Go, Wedding Story with Maomi Yuuki , women find the power to overcome adversity,summer skin trouble S. O. S! !, summer and love buzz talk! !, rank up your mind with "lessons" ↑ ↑, summer accessories to color me cute, work girl - Updo Grand Prix of summer and more.

InRed (インレッド) September 2013

InRed (インレッド) September 2013 Yuuka 優香

The September 2013 issue of InRed featuresYuuka as the cover model. Inside features InRed men's holiday Vol. 27 with Matsuzaka Tori, Mizukawa Asami wears a new collection, luxury skin care for tired skin, new popular adult face make up, I want to know money circumstances of divorce, 14DAYS delicate coordinates with Isoyama Sayaka, 30s women - hair arrangements that make you feel cool,  autumn shoes - 264 feet to show everything! and more.

Marisol (マリソル) Septemeber 2013

Marisol (マリソル) Septemeber 2013 Brenda ブレンダ

The September 2013 issue of Marisol features Brenda as the cover model. Inside features Brenda Beautiful Life in Hawaii ~You are happy here~, Kiyohara Aki hair secrets for volume and longer lasting hair, Beer & Champagne special, NO MORE Trouble! skin care help, new autumn colors cosmetics, and more.


Zipper (ジッパー) October 2013

Zipper (ジッパー) October 2013 Rena Nounen 能年玲奈

The October 2013 issue of Zipper features Rena Nounen as the cover model. Inside features Strongest fall coordinates 100, summer autumn mix-and-match SNAP,  close ups with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Amoyamo - Go Ayano - Riisa Naka - Tori Matsuzuka - Yuki Suzuki - Amiyama, WE · (LOVE) Disney Collection, fall shoes - foot switch coordinates LESSON, body of another fashion style - trouble resolution coordinates, NEW rule 10 for prettier black hair, brand pick - I am □ □ X-girl □ □,  MY · SWEET · BOYS GROUP,  stylish Sutaa meets Popular brand new debut SHOW ☆
Kawaguchi Haruna - Kutsuna Shiori and more.

KERA (ケラ) October 2013

KERA (ケラ) October 2013 Runa Haruna and Yura 春奈るな / ゆら

The October 2013 issue of Kera features Runa Haruna and Yura as the cover models. Inside  features Arika Takarano (ALI PROJECT) × PEACH-PIT ("Rozen Maiden" author), first step to master fashion starting with listening to shop staff ☆, Latest catalog of popular brands this fall, Gothic style at the beginning of the fall, BOKU Girl Super Cool - the make up master, Sister Kera!
The Lady Attire Notebook,
15 people in total will show! Kera! Real coordinates of the model BOOK ☆, amazing autumn bags, and more.

egg (エッグ) September 2013

egg (エッグ) September 2013

The September 2013 issue of Egg features mix-and-match 1 week coordinates PERFECT COLLECTION Midsummer, Street Groove Best of Summer, complete guide to summer vacation independent research, right in the middle of summer in August DA ---- Tsu! ! BIKINI & yukata SNAP! !, 5 brand boots STYLE breaking popularity! !, Makeup & my polish intensive special training! and more.

CLASSY (クラッシィ) September 2013

CLASSY (クラッシィ) September 2013

The September 2013 issue of Classy features Go Ayano & Matsuzuka Tori - two people coming together for the first time to co-star in the movie "Gatchaman" Sakurai Sho & Kitagawa Keiko - "Butler × Princess" Combination of the names appeared on the screen,clothing for tomorrow - change the rut of summer - Diversion coordination, UNIQLO "Regipan" Coordination battle, and more.

MEN'S NONNO (メンズノンノ) September 2013

MEN'S NONNO (メンズノンノ) September 2013 Mukai Osamu  向井理

The September 2013 issue of Men's Nonno features Mukai Osamu as the cover model. Inside features World Snap selection Behold the Heated souls of five metropolitan fashion cities!, 47 prefectures - So-called good people good things New clothing arrival of 6 real brands most popular this season!,  Mukai Osamu Call the fall - cool monotone,  good story of the fashion industry,  how to get started in a love relationship with an older women, I would want to go to the "dentist"! Latest dental care reader and more.