FUDGE (ファッジ) December 2012

FUDGE (ファッジ) December 2012年12月号japanese fashion magazine scans
FUDGE December 2012 features strategy - winter coat styles, can't wait for Xmas - 13 must have bags, BEST20 - popular nominated coat brands, precious Jewelry and watches, NEWS ~ Exclusive Holiday cosmetics for lips, nails, etc., Brand Pick Up - MARNI - Magic of Balance and anniversary collection of TIFFANY & CO. - Tiffany.


WiNK UP (ウィンク アップ) December 2012

Wink up (ウィンク アップ) December 2012年12月号 【表紙】 Hey!Say!JUMP magazine scans

The December issue of Wink Up features Hey Say Jump as the cover models. Inside features an appearance from Arashi's Satoshi Ohno, Hey Say Jump CD - 5th Anniversary of debut, commenrating the start of "Johnny's World". FEATURE: Kis-My-Ft2 - romance profiles 2012, Johnny's World performance | BIG PIN-UP: Hey Say Jump & Kis My Ft2 | OTHER PIN-UP: SMAP, SexyZone, Koichi Domoto (KINKI KIDS), NEWS, ARASHI, KATUN, A.B.C.-Z, Sexy Boyz, Takahisa Masuda, Noon Boyz (Jinguuji Yūta × Hanyūda kyo Take × Kuramoto Iku × Nakamura Mine A and more

Sweet (スウィート) December 2012

Sweet (スウィート) December 2012年12月号【表紙】 安室奈美恵 Namie Amuro magazine scans
The December 2012 issue of Sweet features J-pop singer, Namie Amuro as the cover model. Inside features super cute clothing modeled by Seiko, Haruna Kojima, and Emi Suzuki, fashion SNAP, two major hat trends, Miranda Kerr, Xmas Hair tutorial, Namie Amuro - 20th Anniversary, styling - Keiko Sasaki, Christmas jewelry, the ultimate happiness in my hands - 10,000 Yen, 14 fashion lessons with 10 items, and more.

duet (デュエット) December 2012

duet (デュエット) December 2012年12月号 【表紙】 Kis-My-Ft2 japanese magazine scans
The December 2012 issue of Japanese super idol magazine duet features Kis-My-Ft2 as the cover models. Inside features: [Pinup] Kis-My-Ft2, Hey!Say!JUMP, NEWS, Sexy Zone [INTERVIEWS] KAT-TUN, Hey!Say!JUMP, ARASHI ZOOM1 -Satoshi Ohno-, Sexy Zone, Kansai Johnny's Jr., NYC, Johnny's Jr., NEWS, A.B.C-Z, Hiroki Uchi, noon boyz, Live Report (SMAP, Koichi Domoto) and more.

Zipper (ジッパー) January 2013

Zipper (ジッパー) 2013年1月号 【表紙】 能年玲奈 Rena Nounen japanese fashion magazine scans

The January 2013 issue of Zipper features Rena Nounen as the cover model. Inside features real kawaii clothing, fashionable girls  - Rena Nounen, Kyoko Hinami, Ai Hashimoto, Kawaii for girls - culture A to Z, city SNAP ranking, christmas date with BOYS, THE BEST HIT COORDINATE, bargaining techniques, AMOYAMO fashion SNAP and more.



ゴスロリ 手作りのゴシック&ロリータファッション gosu rori ghothic lolita magazine downloads

Gosu Rori (Gothic Loli) Volume 1-16.  A gothic and lolita DIY/Craft style sewing magazine.


nail max magazine scans japanese nail art scans

Nail Max from 2008 - 2012. Updated with 9 more magazines. All re-uploaded to Mediafire and Google Docs/Drive.

Look!s Spring 2012

Look!s Spring 2012 Japanese fashion mail order magazine SHIHO japanese magazine scans

Look!s Spring 2012 fashion magazine catalog.

This download lin has been fixed.

POTATO (ポテト) December 2012

POTATO (ポテト) December 2012年12月号 Kis-My-ft2 Johnny Jr Japanese magazine scans
Japanese super idol magazine Potato December 2012 features Kis-my-ft2 as the cover models.
Inside features:

[Cover] Kis-My-Ft2
[Pinup] Kis-My-Ft2/NEWS, Hey!Say!JUMP, Sexy Zone
[Topics] Satoshi Ohno (Arashi), Yu Yokoyama & Shota Yasuda (Kanjani8), "JOHNNYS' World"
[Concert & Stages] SMAP, Koichi Domoto (Kinki Kids), Hiroki Uchi
[Feature] SMAP, Arashi, Kanjani8, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Hey!Say!JUMP, NYC, Yuma Nakayama, Kis-My-Ft2, Sexy Zone, A.B.C-Z and more

Korean: Vogue girl KOREA October 2012

Korean fashion magazine scans Vogue girl Korea October 2012 Wonder girls Sohee

Vogue girl November 2012 features fashion week - 6 wardrobes, cocktail A to Z,  world street SNAP book in book, shopping spree, wanna be a beauty queen, and It girls.Inside also features Wonder Girl's Sohee wearing Tommy Hilfiger's Denim Fall collection.

English: ELLE (USA) December 2012

Elle October 2012 cover girl Jennifer Lawrence of Hunger Games
The U.S. edition of ELLE December 2012 features Hunger Games actress, Jennifer Lawrence as the cover girl. Inside features 290+ new dress, jeans, & shoes to get you noticed, interview with Jennifer about her boyfriend and her modest life,  professional secrets to perfect skin, long lashes, rosy cheeks, and dramatic eyes, gift guide for everyone in your life, the ey to letting go of anxiety and more.

Korean: Ellegirl KOREA October 2012

Korean fashion magazine scans Ellegirl Korea October 2012 Goo Hara "Kara" 

Ellegirl KOREA October 2012 features Goo Hara, from K-pop group KARA, as the cover girl.

From Hello Kpop:
"Goo Hara is recently featured in the cover of Elle Girl Korea‘s October issue for Lacoste Live as the brand’s global ambassador. She transformed into a sporty girl image while maintaining the gorgeous appearance in Lacoste‘s youthful and pretty sports collection. "
 Inside features Elle Boy - "Not for girls" book in book, check up shopping list, trendy outdoors, like a boy, real talk, and career special.


English: Cosmopolitan (US) November 2012

Cosmopolitan November 2012 cover English magazine scans
 Cosmopolitan November 2012 issue features fall sexiest lingerie, eight very naughty new positions, 25 ways to kiss a naked man, celebrity snapshots, and more.

Korean: CeCi October 2012

Ceci October 2012 korean fashion magazine scans
Download scans of Korean fashion magazine Ceci October 201. Inside features eauty tips, best skin and hair products, Ceci celebrates its 18th Anniversary, fashion snaps, the latest fashion, and more.

2nd (セカンド) November 2012

2nd (セカンド) November 2012年11月号 japanese mens fahsion magazine scans

Japanese men's fashion magazine 2nd November 2012 features topics is "Boots Classic". Inside features hundreds of vintage boots, playful sneakers, best winter coats, 2nd fashion SNAP, trendy dress and casual pants to match your boots, and more.

English: ELLE October 2012

Elle October 2012 cover Britney Spears english fashion magazine scans

ELLE October 2012 cover features Britney Spears. Inside features 600 sexy dresses, chic coats, 160 best shoes and bags, exclusive interview with Britney, super pretty make up everyday, and more.

Korean: CeCi September 2012

Korean fashion magazine scans Ceci September 2012

Donload scans of Korean fashion magazine Ceci Septemer 2012. Inside features book in boo "Ceci Guys".

Korean: CeCi August 2012

ceci august 2012 korean magazine scans

Download scans of Korean fashion magazine Ceci August 2012.

The download link has been fixed. Thanks to everyone who notified me.

English: NYLON October 2012

Nylon October 2012 Emma atson Logan Lerman and Erza Miller
Nylon (America) October 2012 features Emma Watson, Erza Miller, and Logan Lerman as cover models.

Korean: Vogue girl KOREA September 2012

Download scans of Korean fashion magazine Vogue girl Korea September 2012.

English: NYLON August 2012

nylon america august 2012 ashley greene of twilight
Nylon August 2012 features Ashley Greene from Twilight.


CanCam (キャンキャン) October 2012

CanCam (キャンキャン) October 2012年10月号 【表紙】 ミランダ・カー&舞川あいく Miranda Kerr and Aiku Maikawa japanese magazine scans

Finally, I came across scans of the October 2012 issue of CanCam featuring Miranda Kerr and Aiku Maikawa. Enjoy! Features special Eyelash appendix, music issue with 2PM and TOKIO.

Photobook:Ryoko Hirosue ( 廣末涼子) - No Make

 廣末涼子Ryoko Hirosue - No Make photo book scans
Ryoko Hirosue photo book release titled "No Make".  This photo collection download is over 185 pages total. 廣末涼子Ryoko Hirosue - No Make.

Photobook: Ogawa Saki (小川エリカ) - be born

Ogawa Saki (小川エリカ) - be born photo book scans
Ogawa Saki photo book release titled "Be Born". This photo book download includes over 70 pages. Ogawa Saki (小川エリカ) - be born.

Photobook: Mayuko Iwasa (岩佐真悠子) - イキズカイ

Mayuko Iwasa 岩佐真悠子Mayuko Iwasa - イキズカイ photo book scans
 Mayuko Iwasa photo book release titles "Ikizukai".  This photo book download includes over 98 pages total. 岩佐真悠子Mayuko Iwasa - イキズカイ.

Photobook: Uehara Takako (上原多香子) - 17

上原多香子Uehara Takako 17

Uehara Takako photo book release titled "17". This photo book download includes over 60 plus pages. 上原多香子Uehara Takako - 17.

Photobook: Rena Matsui (松井玲奈) - Goldfish (きんぎょ )

松井玲奈 Rena Matsui - きんぎょ photo scans
 Rena Matsui of SKE48 photo book release titled "Goldfish". This photo collection is 78 pages total.  松井玲奈 Rena Matsui - きんぎょ.

Numero TOKYO (ヌメロ・トウキョウ) December 2012

Numero TOKYO (ヌメロ・トウキョウ) December 2012年12月号【表紙】 Toni Garrn japanese magazine scans
Numero December 2012 features Toni Garrn as cover model. Inside features a make up less beauty - Ayumi Hamasaki in along interview, the secrets of the Victoria Secret Empire, the VS "Angels" with Miranda Kerr - go behind the scenes with Angels, improve the body from inside out, ways to get a slim body, Armani Fashion, nasic mix - the reals mode of Kyoko Tanaka, the physical force of Takeshi Matsuda, and a chat with Tamaki Hiroshi.

This download link has been fixed. 

steady. (ステディ) December 2012

steady. (ステディ) December 2012年12月号【表紙】 香里奈 Karina japanese magazine scans
Steady December 2012 features Karina as cover model. Inside features Christmas jewelry and watches, holiday cosmetic wish list, cover interview with Karina, the girl Office Lady - white, floral, lace, etc., popular boots, and more.

This download link has been fixed. It now leads to the Steady 12.12 download page.


Photobook: Mitsuki Tanimura (谷村美月) - FAKE

FAKE 谷村美月写真集 Mitsuki Tanimura photo book scans
 Download scans of Mitsuki Tanimura's photo titled "FAKE".  She has appeared in many dramas and television shows, this 100 + page photo album captures the essence of Mitsuki Tanimura.

Photobook: Sweet Season - RINKA (梨花)

Sweet Season: RINKA 梨花写真集 photo book scans

Download Rinka's Sweet Seasons photo album collection. Featuring Rinka in high fashion clothing with striking sultry poses. Rinka models for ViVi, BAILA, Sweet, Mina, GISELe and many other Japanese magazines. 

Photobook: Maeda Atsuko (前田敦子) - Acchan [写真集 あっちゃん]

Maeda Atsuko (前田敦子) - Acchan [写真集 あっちゃん] photo book scans
Photo book release from Maeda Atsuko title "Acchan." This photo book collection of Maeda Atsuko is over 95 pages.

Photobook: Megumi Okina (奥菜恵) The Okina in Paris

奥菜恵 Megumi Okina - The Okina in Paris
Download the photo book of sultry actress Megumi Okina titled "The Okina in Paris". This photo book collection celebrates her 10 year anniversary and is three parts with over 150 pages.

Photobook: Ai Otsuka (大塚愛) - キミイロオモイ

Ai Otsuka 大塚愛 キミイロオモイ Kimi Iro Omoi photo book scans
Ai Ostuka's photo book "Kimi Iro Omoi" is themed around a photo love story. Download scans of J-pop singer and song writer Ai Otsuka's photo book Kimi Iro Omoi (キミイロオモイ). This photo collection is 106 pages.

Photobook: AKB48 海外旅行日記2 With SKE48

AKB48 海外旅行日記2 With SKE48 photo book scans

The AKB48 International Travel Diary with SKE48 features a photo collection of AKB48 on an international expedition from Macau, Singapore, Russia, Guam, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. With group SKE48 following them on their overseas trip. Inside features letters and signatures from the members.

Photobooks: Eriko Sato (佐藤江梨子) - Get Moving! [おひっこし]

Eriko Sato (佐藤江梨子) - Get Moving! [おひっこし] photo book scans

Download scans of Eriko Sato's photo book titled "Get Moving" released in April 2004. A collection of photo of the best photos of Eriko Sato.


25ans (ヴァンサンカン) December 2012

25ans (ヴァンサンカン) December 2012年12月号【表紙】 杏 Anne Watanabe japanese magazine scans
25ans December 2012 features Anne Watanabe as cover girl. Inside features tthe FOXEY 2012/2013 Autumn/Winter Collection, 25 ans 3 woman of fashion - Kirei Miritani, Youn-A, and Hana Matsushima, casual inter Q & A, fashion with Anne- Vol 6. Gucci, Giorgio Armani - 4 rules of winter, and more.

Oggi (オッジ) December 2012

Oggi (オッジ) December 2012年12月号 【表紙】 絵美里  Emiri Miyasaka japanese magazine scans
Oggi December 2012 feature Emiri Miyasaka (絵美里) as cover model. Inside features interview with actor Koichi Saito, one week - making a difference in style, winter wardrobe, Best Buy cosmetics - Christmas wish list, the latest perfume listings, and more.

CLASSY (クラッシィ) December 2012

CLASSY (クラッシィ)  December 2012年12月号 japanese fashion magazine

Classy December 2012 features skin care and make up care, Declration - look fat, clothing not to wear anymore, achieving the perfect look, slender looking legs, trends of the year, and more.

ELLE JAPON (エルジャポン) December 2012

ELLE JAPON (エルジャポン) December 2012年12月【表紙】 ケイト・モス Kate Moss japanese fashion magazines
ELLE JAPAN December 2012 features Kate Moss as cover model. Inside features fashion SNAPS from Paris, Milan, New York, to London, Hair Style 113 - the latest hair styles and trends.


Scawaii! (エスカワイイ) December 2012

Scawaii! (エスカワイイ) December 2012年12月号 【表紙】 鈴木えみ emi suzuki japanese gyaru magazine scans
Scawaii December 2012 features Emi Suzuki as cover model. Inside features lean looks for the winter season, fashion style book, Love body- tips for a healthier body, TOKYO vs OSAKA, winter fashion with Emi Suzuki, music - Infinite/NE-YO, winter make up looks, hair tutorials, and more.

GLAMOROUS (グラマラス) December 2012

GLAMOROUS (グラマラス) December 2012年12月号 【表紙】 梨花 RINKA japanese fashion magazine scans

Glamorous December 2012 features Rinka as cover model. Inside features winter beauty HITS, I Love Fashion - a wonderful relationship between fashion and woman, Glamorous Person - Justin Timberlake, JO-YU SHOU - Mao Inoue, Asami Kiyokawa - Otoko-ito Volume 4, chat with BENI, Christmas & Holiday collection wish list, winter beauty upgrades, and more.

Domani (ドマーニ) December 2012

Domani (ドマーニ) December 2012年12月号 知花くらら Kurara Chibana japanese magazine scans
Domani December 2012 features Kurara Chibana as the cover model. Inside features from modest beauty vs flashy beauty, the modest beauty of Kurara Chibana, simple black pumps, knit turtleneck sweater x flared skirt,  and more.

Spoon. (スプーン) December 2012

SPOON. (スプーン) December 2012年12月号 【表紙】 玉城ティナ Tina Tamaki japanese fashion magazine scans
Spoon December 2012 features Tina Tamaki as the cover model. Inside features the theme 1990's teenage girls or girl born in the 90's, Harajuu trip with 15 year old Tina Tamaki, a special with CLOUD GIRLS COLLECTION, Maedaema- Children of the 90s photos, Fumi Nikaido - 18 year old masterpiece - 'Holy Scripture of Evil", mmt x EVANGELION with Shoko Nakagawa, Mr. Suzuki Movie x Hiromi Hasegawa, and more.

anan (アン・アン) Volume 1830

anan (アン・アン) Volume 1830 2012年11/7号 【表紙&グラビア】 香取慎吾 Katori Shingo japanese magazine scans
Anan Volume 1830 features Katori Shingo as the cover model. Inside features the Japanese opening of the broadway play "RENT", 187 books and comics, 56 books you cannot die without reading, Mr. Tsujimura talks about the pleasure of reading, precious moments - Katori Shingo - the time to read, and much more.


BITEKI (美的) December 2012

BITEKI (美的) December 2012年12月号 【表紙】 森絵梨佳 Erika Mori japanese fashion magazine scans

Bitei December 2012 features Erika Mori as cover model. Inside features beauty secrets, hair tutorials, hand and body items (two one items), new eye shadow palettes, winter make up, skin care, Xmas2012 Shopping Booklet with 79 brands, and much more.


FIGARO japon (フィガロジャポン) December 2012

FIGARO japon (フィガロジャポン) december 2012年12月号 japanese fashion magazine scans

Figaro japon December 2012 cover story features the standard interiors of Paris and London. Inside features a France and UK merchandise brand index, up and coming artist in London, 38 hotels for adult woman in Tokyo, Tokyo shops/restaurant guide, Japanese movies, Stella McCartney - Way of Life,  dream of Paris - CHANEL jewelry - the story of the first 80 years. Also includes special appendix booklets - enfants Figaro - a winter fashion story and Armani Junior special booklet - Armani Junior Winter Style Booklet.

Link has been fixed.

Ranzuki (ランズキ) December 2012

Ranzuki (ランズキ) December 2012年12月号 【表紙】 鎌田安里紗 Arisa Kamada japanese gyaru magazine sacns
Ranzuki December 2012 features Arisa Kamada as the cover model. Inside features the secrets of beautiful hair, buying clothing on a budget, magic recipe for a slim body plus beautiful skin, Life advice - 10 things to do life as a teenager, fall fashion  SNAP, catchy eye make up, hair tutorials, and more.

NYLON JAPAN (ナイロンジャパン) December 2012

NYLON JAPAN (ナイロンジャパン) December 2012年12月号 【表紙】 水原希子  Kiko Mizuhara japanese magazine scans
Nylon December 2012 features Kiko Mizuhara as the cover girl. Inside features the theme Fashion of Music -  fashion fell in  love with music, We're obsessed with girl bands, new diva list - Azealia Banks/grimes/ Rita Ora/Kimbra/ Carly Rae Jespen , thorough profile - Girly Grunge, Wanna Be a Pop Icon - study your style from the artists, analysis of 90's culture and fashion, and more.

JELLY (ジェリー) December 2012

JELLY(ジェリー) December 2012年12月号 【表紙】 加藤ミリヤ Kato Miliyah japanese magazine scans
Jelly December 2012 features J-pop singer Kato Miliyah. Inside features Miliyah Girls Rock - Kato Miliyah's style, Yuki Yamamoto is back! - Yui's revivied!, TOKYO GIRLS SNAP vol 1,  a special Christmas Countdown, fulfill a impressionable longing look - Eye Make Up Lesson, Denim Guys - Junepi Mizobata, and more.