Updates: Posting Tonight & Magazine Request

Greetings Everyone,

I apologize for not posting any new magazines this week due to my internet service being down. I have resumed posting today.

For Request:

Currently, I will not be posting any old/past magazine issues at this time. I do have access to many old magazine issues but, I have no time to post them because I am working on changing this site to Wordpress. I am also behind on posting new scans so, I apologize for this inconvenience.

However, I will fix broken links and try to provide alternative links when requested if I have time.

New Titles:

Many of you are requesting new titles such as Edge Style, Men's Spider, Soul Sister, Men's Knuckle etc. but I will not post or scan any new magazine titles until I switch to the new site.

Please feel free to ask any questions or make comments. Thank you everyone for your continue support. I hope all of you continue to enjoy the scans. 

~Jmagazine Scans Admin~

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  1. Motoko Mori3/6/13 5:25 PM

    could you post the Ageha Eyemake Perfect Book magazine? :)

  2. I was wondering if you need any kind of staff help for managing this site? I've made my own site before so I know how it works. If there's no need, well I could help in any way. ^^

  3. I currently do not have scans for this but here is a preview of the magazine:

  4. I will possibly need help in the coming months especially when the new site is launched. I can't say what as of now since most of the works has to be done on my end. But, I will post on it when the time comes. Thanks for asking.

  5. http://magicwordcherry.blogspo4/6/13 2:59 AM

    nic się nie stało :) pamiętaj o odpoczynku

  6. reeya dale5/6/13 6:07 AM

    Do you have the scans for ViVi June 2013 ???

  7. Are you able to post 'Fineboys' June/July (whichever's the latest)? Thanks!

  8. yes it will be posted soon.

  9. The latest is June and it will be posted soon.

  10. disqus_h62FI0oKS36/6/13 4:23 AM

    larme please!!

  11. I can't download Popteen July 2013.
    Because I don't know the password.
    Please tell me how to unlock the password.T_T
    U see this pic.