MAQUIA October 2013

MAQUIA (マキア) October 2013年10月号 Haruna Kojima 小嶋陽菜 (AKB48)

The October 2013 issue of Maquia features Haruna Kojima as the cover model. Inside features How to Be Nishino Kana, an interview with Kamenashi Kazuya, This is the condition of beauty. as the top story, Innovation beauty sold in no make-up powder!, teaching you the face of autumn, Philosophy - Masahiro Nakai close up, black ships cosmetics meets Japan!,  Beauty skin foundation full navigation book,  Sweet hair master BOOK, Beauty of occasion My rule 81, opening splendidly! Bell rose make-up theater,<summer fall skin relief project> Summer fall skin, re-built to quench! ! and more.



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