FIGARO October 2013

FIGARO japon (フィガロジャポン)  October 2013年10月号

The October 2013 issue of Figaro features the latest Lady Principle - be a dramatic woman - dress code 10 - perfect style dictionary - shopping list of the heroine, I bloom in Paris, Praise to Rome Fendi (Tribute). New Best Buy autumn colors - the new adult cute red lip color, the start to beautiful adult skin - Figaro Beauty strike seven, announced!, Lady Fragrance named, Miss Dior., to manipulate light and shadow - Tom Ford Autumn colors of beauty. new series - "Never went to paris" with Yamauchi Mariko, nomadic life longing autumn make over, the Happy Bohemian., Select by my own sensibility - Chanel skin care, interview - Carla Bruni - with love in music and more.



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