CHOKi CHOKi October 2013

ChokiChoki (チョキチョキ) October 2013年10月号Rui Kurihara 栗原類

The October 2013 issue of Choki Coki features Rui Kurihara as the cover model. Inside features Monthly stylish Hime - Sadachi Momoko, Katsuna Shiori interview, Strongest of the month it BOY! Snap Live! !, Reopening! CHOKiCHOKi Channel, THE KING AS A CREATOR - people who create style for kings,COLOR IN THE LIFE Direction by Yoshiaki Komatsu, 4 large seasonal style PERFECT BOOK - must know fashion knowledge, resolving the complex of fashion! Mix-and-match of the fashion art King - There is no money! ! Affordable price wearing HINT Collection - overcoming your Body Type, Mix-and-match 7DAYS of fall of the fashion King, hair solutions, Eliminates trouble with the correct care - Acne measures and more.



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